July 5, 2020

3 Software And Apps To Improve Customer Service 


  • 1 1. Live chat
  • 2 2. Field service management software
  • 3 3. Marketing automation

As a customer service manager, business owner or employee with a focus on the customer, a large part of your time at work will be spent focused on the customer, as it should be. Getting customer service right is essential for any business, and the impact can be wide reaching.

3 Software And Apps To Improve Customer Service

3 Software And Apps To Improve Customer Service

In today’s modern age of technology and apps, there are a wide selection of options which can be adopted by a business to help improve customer service in many ways. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the best options which can be used by most types of business.

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1. Live chat

In 2020, almost every business will have a website, or at least some form of web presence, such as a social media account. For such businesses, having a live chat facility can be incredibly valuable for the customer, and also the business.

A live chat option on your business website (or social media platform – think Facebook messenger) is a quick and easy way for customers to ask questions and get further information before buying your product or service. It can make the difference between a sale and just another online visitor.

Live chat software also helps businesses, as it is often much easier for a live chat agent to answer a question online than it is to do so over the phone. They can have scripted answers which can help with automation. Agents can also be based overseas to help reduce on cost as well as ensuring you have live chat available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – which is another big tick for customer service. Having this option available on a customer service helpline would likely be significantly more costly.

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2. Field service management software

If you own or work in one of the many types of businesses who have engineers or staff working in the field, such as electricians or telecoms engineers, using field service management software is a great way to help improve customer service.

Field service management software, also known as FSMS, helps to keep your field engineers connected to the main office or HQ. It enables them to access things such as customer information, details of the particular job, it’s location, stock information, and much more.

When it comes to customer service, using FSMS enables field engineers to quickly offer quotes and invoices to customers on the spot, rather than having to have them emailed or posted out separately. This makes the entries process much more efficient and easier for the customer.

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FSMS can also improve the efficiency of the job being carried out. If a spare part is needed on a plumbing job, the engineer can use the FSMS to quickly check stock options, availability, prices, and quickly get the part sent out instantly, which is great for customer service.

3. Marketing automation

When business owners or managers think of marketing automation, they can be forgiven for thinking that this has little to do with customer service, but they would be wrong. Using marketing automation software such as Hubspot can have a significant impact on customer service. you can download free app from Blackmart Alpha.

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Marketing automation software helps to automate the entire marketing process, and this can be useful for customers. If a customer purchases a product, they may have follow up questions about its use. Clever marketeers can know this in advance, and schedule informational emails to be sent out at certain periods following the purchase. This helps to provide customers with the product information they may need, and stops them from having to search themselves, or call up the customer services helpline.

It’s highly recommended that customer service and marketing teams work together to identify potential customer pain points and use marketing automation software to plug these gaps.

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