June 17, 2019

4 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Smartphone From Damage 


  • 1 Use screen protectors
  • 2 Invest in a phone cover
  • 3 Keep away from extreme temperatures
  • 4 Handle with care
  • 5 What if you’ve already damaged your phone?

Smartphone devices have become pricey items, with top manufacturers like Apple and Samsung charging hundreds of dollars more for cell phones than they did just a couple of years ago. Buying a new phone, however often you do it, is an investment, and given that smartphones are expensive items that play a major role in most people’s lives, they should be well cared for. So having the right accessories to protect them from sudden or unanticipated damage is always better. And to buy such good quality and reliable stuff, do visit https://mobilemob.com.au/. Whether your smartphone device is brand new or more than a year old, below are some tips on how to keep your phone in good working condition.

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Use screen protectors

Mobile manufacturers have been making cell phone screens fairly scratch resistant, but that doesn’t mean they’re scratch proof. Newer cell phone screens can still be scratched by things like sand, rocks, glass, and other hard materials. The best way to protect your phone’s screen from getting scratched is to invest in a screen protector. It’s an easy and affordable way to protect your phone’s screen. Amazon has a wide variety of screen protectors, some priced as little as $5.00. Other retailers such as Best Buy and Walmart offer a broad variety of screen protectors, as well.

Invest in a phone cover

To ensure physical protection of your smartphone device, cell phone manufacturers strongly advise purchasing a cell phone cover whenever you buy a new phone. Cell phone covers protect the outside of your phone as well as the inside where many of the essential mechanical design features are. The downside is that they add bulk to the phone and sometimes hide appealing design features, but they come in handy if you accidentally drop your phone. Also, water damage is quite common with cell phones, so you may want to consider purchasing a waterproof phone cover to protect your smartphone device if you accidentally drop it in water.

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Keep away from extreme temperatures

Exposing your smartphone to extreme heat or cold can have a number of damaging effects on it. If left long enough in extreme temperatures, it can impair the battery and cause damage to the inside components of your phone. On very warm days, you’ll want to keep your phone out of direct exposure to sunlight. In the winter months, on the other hand, avoid leaving your phone outside in the cold. Taking precautions such as not leaving your phone unattended in a parked car on very warm or cold days, and placing your phone on the inside pockets of your jacket or bag on very cold days can help to protect your phone from damage.

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Handle with care

Accidents are more likely to occur when people are negligent and leave their phones unattended, so be sure to always keep your smartphone device in a secure location, away from pets and small children. If you store your phone in your purse or a bag when you’re not using it, be sure to keep it securely zipped up in a place where it’s away from items like coins that can scratch it. Phone accessories such as finger rings or holders can be purchased to provide additional protection as well. Other accessories such as car mounts and phone holders for desks can also be purchased to keep your phone securely placed when driving or working at your desk.

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What if you’ve already damaged your phone?

If the unfortunate does occur and your smartphone gets damaged, fixing it is definitely an option. When you’re not sure where to go, a simple online query along the lines of cell phone repair near me can guide you to an expert that is within reasonable distance of your current location. Fixing your phone is a much cheaper— and convenient— option. Not only would you not have to worry about data transfer, but you’re likely to have a functioning phone within a few hours.

A phone is a big investment. To keep it in the best working condition, be sure to follow the tips mentioned above.

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