December 3, 2020

5 Technology Trends That Will Shape Our Lives in 2021 


  • 1 1. Esports & Gaming
  • 2 2. Artificial Intelligence
  • 3 3. 5G Internet
  • 4 4. Virtual, Extended, and Augmented Realities
  • 5 5. Digital Healthcare
  • 6 Conclusion: Technology Trends in 2021 Will be Life-Saving

In 2020, the rules changed completely as Covid-19 covered the planet and turned all our lives upside. Technology trends after COVID-19 are certainly going to be very different from what anyone could have predicted at the start of this year. However, if 2020 has made one thing clear, it’s our increasing reliance on technology to keep us connected socially and commercially in an ever more contactless digital world. With the help of Gmail automation technology, we can organize our Gmail tasks more effectively. Here are the five technology trends for 2021 that will shape our lives in the coming year. Some will help us get back to normal, while others will help us navigate that changing landscape of the future.

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1. Esports & Gaming

When asked what are technology trends to look out for in the future, we must pay close attention to the present. With people forced staying indoors, it was perhaps inevitable that video games would see a tremendous spike in popularity during the COVID-19 crisis. What was already a hugely profitable industry has found even more followers, many of whom will still be gaming avidly even after the crisis has subsided. With faster internet, fans can play, share, and watch games like the Mr Bet app on every conceivable device. Consequently, the eSports sector has ballooned in popularity over the years, where audiences of millions watch the best players compete for multi-million dollar prize pots. COVID-19 made it impossible for many traditional athletic sports leagues to continue to operate. ESports, however, faced no such restrictions. So it’ll be no surprise to see gaming become an even more mainstream cultural phenomenon in 2021.

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2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been discussed as a concept by forecasters for decades. But thinking about technology trends in 2021, it looks like it really will become a part of our everyday lives. AI is in our television, helping produce better pictures and fine-tuning engine performance in our cars. Machine learning means that AI can now adapt itself on the fly to analyze huge quantities of data that our online activity throws up. This is already having a big impact in fields like healthcare, and is also big with businesses looking to find patterns in the behavior of their customers. Expect to see AI change the way we live in 2020, as these tools appear at an accessible price point for even the smallest businesses.

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3. 5G Internet

Big leaps in internet infrastructure have always precipitated seismic shifts in the way we use technology. 3G let people browse the internet on the go. 4G meant mobile media streaming was accessible to everyone. Now, with high speed 5G networks, hardwired internet connections could soon be a thing of the past. 5G will facilitate everything, from streaming games to your device without the need for buying hardware to enabling VR and AR technology on the go. We are also likely to see a big uptake of these technology trends by industry leaders who want constant connectivity to help create more efficient business processes.

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4. Virtual, Extended, and Augmented Realities

Like AI, virtual reality has existed as a concept for some time. Thanks to smartphones, however, most of us now carry a device to practically implement technology trends for the future of virtual and augmented reality in our day-to-day lives. Augmented reality layers information over our smart device’s video and data feeds to enhance the information we can send and receive from our surroundings. One of the most famous technology trends examples of this is the Pokemon Go mobile game that became a worldwide craze in 2016. In 2021, expect these programmable realities to have a huge impact on our lives. Medical diagnoses like, for example, an eye test, could be carried out entirely in virtual reality thanks to the high definition capability of current phone cameras. With public spaces being more hazardous due to Covid-19, virtual reality seems poised to step up to bridge the gap. It’s an application in education and online learning will help bring remote lessons to life for students without them having to physically crowd into a classroom. Plus, it can help create a network to alert us to possible sources of a viral outbreak in our immediate environment.

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5. Digital Healthcare

Due to obvious reasons, the healthcare industry has  never been more relevant than in 2020 and the technology trends COVID-19 has brought on will play a huge part in the next year. Covid-19 may well be only the first global pandemic of its kind that we will have to deal with in our lifetimes. Therefore, we’re likely to meet technology trends to have a massive impact on the way medical science and online connectivity plays into our lives. We can already see the beginning of this with the trace and tracing app systems that many countries have implemented to reduce the spread of the virus. But this is only the beginning. Machine learning will help healthcare providers diagnose and treat symptoms quickly by scanning huge amounts of medical data. Digital healthcare technology trends for 2021 can also help in other areas, such as the implementation of robotics in surgery theaters. It’s more important now than ever that digital healthcare becomes easily available to every patient, so that communities can move in step to thwart the next big global health care.

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Conclusion: Technology Trends in 2021 Will be Life-Saving

Technology trends already had a big influence on our lives last year. But with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, ideas like VR and AI that once seemed far off, could help save lives today. As we’re forced to physically distance ourselves from each other, technology will by necessity need to adapt to fill the vacuum in our lives. While there’s no doubt that 2020 has been terrifying in many aspects, we also have the groundwork laid for a seismic shift in how we live that will be spear-headed by technology trends in 2021. What are future technology trends that you see having a big impact on our lives in the next year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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