September 3, 2020

7 Things to Remember While Creating your WordPress Blog 

Writing the perfect blog will need you to work extra hard to create, build, and market it. It is not all about the writing, but the finer details involved in the process. Blogging opens your world to many opportunities for creating content and relaying it to your target audience.

For you to start a profitable blog, you need some insights that will build it to excellence. These tips will enable you to make a lucrative business out of your skills using WordPress as the largest content management system.

First, identify the type of CMS to use

WordPress boosts your beginning as a young blogger and it sticks with you every step of the way. It helps you build your blog by correcting your mistakes and giving you insights into building a professional reputation. It connects you with a team of professionals who boost your career.

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You can start with where a hosting provider hosts your blog. It is a free option that allows you to build your website alone from the beginning and across the whole process. You get to come up with solutions to problems experienced, design and manage it single-handed.

The web designer for essay help UK, regarded as the best custom essay service, has some information to share. He says that allows you to self-host your blog but at a monthly or annual fee. You get to create an official account giving you access to some of its features as per the type of fee. It designs your website as per your preferences and manages it to ensure it is productive.

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Pick on a domain and a hosting provider 

Choosing a domain name will distinguish your blog and picking on a strong one separates you from those that want to get rich fast. A unique domain name makes it easier for your audience to reach out. Each type of WordPress has a unique method of picking a domain and a hosting provider.

Come up with a short creative word that has a keyword relevant to your blog’s content and choose the best hosting company. The best domain name will give you an easy chance to have people get a reason to keep on clicking on your site. Your hosting provider will do the rest as you try to focus on content creation.

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Pick on a .com domain extension with words that are easy to spell and pronounce. Ensure you are keen throughout this process to avoid getting restrictions in the future.

Try publishing a post 

You need to have an idea of how to present your content to the audience. First impressions are lasting and it is best to make their idea of your site great. Starting from the visual representation, the theme and fonts used will either captivate or make them bored.

Try publishing your first post and see how it turns out on the site. Copy a document from your files, paste it on a new page on WordPress, and attach it with an image file if applicable. Include value proposition on the post and make it unique from your competitors.

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The content writer for as academic service providing assignment writing and dissertation help suggests writing your blog while keeping in mind your audience as a priority. Address their concerns, give them more information, and make yourself proud of the first post. If it works out on the first round, schedule when and the number of times you will post to ensure consistency and keep your audience on toes.

Increase the functionality of the site

You need to get more people to click on your website and they can only do this when you motivate them. The site’s functionality is important and includes the design, search engine optimization requirements, social sharing buttons, and security options.

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Design your site and make it look professional using the best theme related to your niche, posting high-quality images and great content. Good design creates a big difference in generating traffic to your site.

You need to ensure your site is secure by creating strong passwords and creating a firewall to protect them from manipulation. Do not let hackers and attacks from malware ruin your work. Install a password manager or a security app to keep your account safe.

Plan to create quality content 

Quality content is key in driving an audience to your blog. Create content that is unique from your competitors that try to address what your audience wants. Analyze their shortcomings and use them to create solutions to your audiences’ queries.

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Study your audience, know their demographics, and write the best topics they will love to read. Evoke their emotions, feelings, and push them to keep getting back to your site for more thrilling and informative content. You can repurpose some of your old content into thrilling videos and beautiful images and articles as downloadable e-books.

Be consistent in the time you post and give them time to read it before posting again. Create captivating headlines that entice them to click to your site and make it unique from your competitors. Present this information in the best format by structuring the paragraphs right and ensuring they are brief and connected.

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Market your content 

Blog marketing is important, especially if you want to earn from your creative skills. There are different types of marketing strategies, depending on the type of content and your professional background. Choose the best strategy that will help in managing the costs of hosting and other expenses.

Affiliate marketing will help you promote other businesses and in turn, you earn from your troubles. You can decide to sell items through your blog or refer your audience to brands when writing content that is relevant to the aim of the brand. Recommend something of substance to your readers to increase their trust in you and value your reference ideas.

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You can opt for ad revenues to your site. Track who advertises their products and link with them. Commenting on other blogs increases your blog’s awareness to other audiences out there and it gives them a chance to react to your blogs.

Analyze the performance of your blog

For you to keep on increasing your blog page, you need to analyze every aspect of your site. Take note of every aspect generating traffic to your site and list them down in order of effectiveness.

It helps you identify the most engaging topics and places where your visitors click. You can use this information to put more focus on these places and topics and increase traffic to your site. Focus on SEO strategies that will help your blog’s onsite optimization and include internal links. They help readers understand more of your content and it increases views to your page.

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Carry out keyword research and identify relevant words to your content. They are the words your audience look for in search engines and it will help them reach your page with ease. Design content using these words that will increase traffic to your site and broaden your outreach.


WordPress is an excellent option to launch a new blogging career. It guides you on the steps and methods to take to come up with the best content for your target audience. Using the tips above will boost your blogs into the marketing world and let your content generate more traffic. Ensure you optimize your blog in the right way, starting from the moment you begin and go ahead in the same spirit as you learn and grow.

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