March 6, 2022

8 Simple Tactics to Increase Organic Social Media Reach 


  • 1 Establish a Good Content Strategy
  • 2 Tailor Your Content to Each Platform
  • 3 Make Your Posts Reachable
  • 4 Use Video
  • 5 Collaborate With Brands and Industry Influencers
  • 6 Showcase the People Behind the Brand
  • 7 Be Consistent
  • 8 Reward Your Audience
  • 9 Conclusion

Reach is one of the most critical metrics on social media. The more people see your content, the greater the chance they will engage with likes and comments. As a result, your content will be pushed to a larger audience which ultimately helps your bottom line.

However, unlike paid social media content, organic posts aren’t served to a specific audience. Instead, social media platforms use their algorithms to define how to distribute the content. Here are eight simple tactics to increase social media reach and get your posts in front of the right audience.

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Establish a Good Content Strategy

Social media content can establish you as an authority on social media, extend your reach, and turn your followers into fans. If you want your content to perform well on social media, you have to learn about your audience.

Use analytics to establish your audience demographics, how they vary by platform, and what they are interested in. Also, see what posts perform best and worst and what content formats do and don’t resonate with your audience. Then, focus on curating high-quality content that provides value to your community.

Tailor Your Content to Each Platform

Having a general knowledge of how to use hashtags and write a caption is good but knowing how to choose hashtags for Instagram or write a good caption for Twitter videos is better. You shouldn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to social media.

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To maximize your reach, you need to optimize the content. And to do that, you need to understand each platform and the audience you are tailoring the content for. Focus on the platforms that work best for your business and set out to make the most of them.

Make Your Posts Reachable

When sharing your social media, your followers will readily see it. However, if you use the tools at your disposal you can make the content more reachable. For example, if your post is collaborative, tag all parties involved to gain greater exposure.

Moreover, don’t forget to add a geotag for location-specific posts. People browsing the particular location might stumble upon your content and give you a follow. Lastly, choose hashtags relevant to your niche to boost discoverability.

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Use Video

Everybody knows that videos get more reach than photos on social media. Creating video content doesn’t have to be complicated at all. In fact, social platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer plenty of tools for creating engaging short video clips or video slideshows that reinforce your content. Plus, you can easily repurpose videos to reach different audiences across multiple platforms.

Collaborate With Brands and Industry Influencers

Find complementary businesses, content creators, brand ambassadors, or influencers that align with your brand and your target customers and reach out to offer them a collaboration. This can be a great way to tap into their well of followers and reach a new targeted audience. Just make sure to do your research and investigate the potential collaborators beforehand.

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Showcase the People Behind the Brand

People want to know the people behind a brand. A recent survey revealed that consumers care most about how the company treats its people when making decisions about brands. Showcasing your talent while highlighting your brand’s values can help you build a strong community and attract a new audience.

For example, you can share “meet the team” posts to showcase the people behind the brand and show appreciation. Another option is to host a life where you and your team will answer questions from your audience. Last but not least, consider using Stories to share behind-the-scenes content.

Be Consistent

It goes without saying that you should be consistent with posting to maintain a presence. Plan posting when your target audience is online and active to maximize your chances of gaining visibility. This might sound overwhelming so having a well-planned content strategy and social media content calendar can help you plan ahead to produce high-quality content.

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Reward Your Audience

People love free things. With this in mind, hosting a giveaway is a great way to boost your reach across social media. Users are more likely to engage with your posts if there’s a chance they could benefit from that interaction. One of the best ways to leverage giveaways is to condition the followers to tag a friend or share the post to enter the giveaway. This will instantly expand your reach and increase the chances of gaining new followers.


Perfecting your organic social media strategy can take time, but it’s crucial to your bottom line. With increased reach comes increased engagement, resulting in a positive brand image that bolsters customer loyalty. Don’t forget to continuously track analytics and adjust your strategy as you go.

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