September 5, 2019

Battling Crime with Artificial Intelligence 


  • 1 #1 Computer Vision
  • 2 #2 Speech Processing
  • 3 #3 Natural Language Processing
  • 4 Conclusion

Crime is a deterrent to progress globally as people are looking to cheat their way to wealth and fortune. There’s a lot of media hype about Artificial Intelligence being evil to humanity in the future. But this is entirely true as it can also be used for good as you’ll see in this article.

There are different sub-fields in Artificial Intelligence, and they can help with battling crime globally. You’ll learn more about their application towards combating unlawful acts.

They are:

  • Computer Vision
  • Speech Processing
  • Natural Language Processing

#1 Computer Vision

Computer Vision is an aspect of Artificial Intelligence that involves getting meaningful information from images and videos. Pictures are made of picture elements (pixels), and they have certain features that can help with making predictions. Videos are also images with lots of pictures/frames per second.

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There are lots of algorithms that make feature extraction from images easy. The concept of deep learning can also be applied to Computer Vision so sense can be made of images without human intervention.

Computer Vision helps to identify offenders from CCTV recordings. More information about these people can then be extracted from face-matching software. Aside from matching faces, Computer Vision can also detect harmful objects from video recordings and raise alarms when necessary.

There are millions of images generated globally, and Computer Vision makes it possible to take advantage of this to fight against criminal activities.

#2 Speech Processing

Speech Processing involves the use of Artificial Intelligence to make sense of audio or speech. It is similar to Computer Vision except that it is applied to audio—be it standalone or from videos.

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Working with audio can be quite difficult, but with Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to make sense of it. Some applications of speech processing include the translation of speech in one language to text in another language and speech recognition. AI startup Halfcode is one such company working toward utilizing natural language processing Free Udemy Course with advanced speech recognition to achieve contextual understanding.

Since videos are audiovisual, a combination of Computer Vision and Speech Processing can be very effective with combating crime. Today, there are CCTVs in many public places. Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to analyze the thousands of minutes that make up these videos without human effort.

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#3 Natural Language Processing

There’s a lot that happens on social media. While some people use it positively, a certain percentage use it for shady business, with online fraud being a good example of such.

Data flows everywhere around us. There are 456,000 tweets generated daily on Twitter, and the majority of these tweets majorly text. Artificial Intelligence thrives on data, and with Natural Language Processing, decisions can be taken based on the analysis from online text data.

With Natural Language Processing, computers can be made to analyze large language data. So humans do not have to read through all of the text before making inferences from them. NLP can be used to classify text data, which helps in predicting the underlying tone behind them to make better decisions.

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In today’s world, there’s the generation of all kinds of data. While this is a good thing, it also creates an opportunity for nefarious activities. Since data is generated at an alarming rate, it is impossible to watch out for criminal schemes.

With Artificial Intelligence and its subfields, it becomes possible to combat crime instead of relying on manual human effort. Hence, AI can help create a better future instead of destroying it as many fear.

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