February 3, 2022

Best Instagram Widget WordPress Plugin For Websites 


  • 1 Top WordPress Plugins For Creating Instagram Widgets 
    • 1.1 #1. Tagembed WordPress Plugin
    • 1.2 #2 Taggbox Widget
    • 1.3 #3 Feed Them Social
    • 1.4 #4 Enjoy Instagram Plugin
    • 1.5 #5 WPZOOM Social Media Widget
  • 2 Final Thoughts

Over the years, Instagram has become a community that offers a platform to all its users, be it new brands, entrepreneurs, or influencers, for connecting and converting their target audience into loyal brand followers/customers.

As a result, brands and marketers are using Instagram as a major marketing touchpoint to widen their reach and personally interact with their potential audience. Making the most of this platform and its dynamic content, marketers have begun to fetch and embed Instagram content into their business websites.

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The brand website plays an important role and works as the first interaction between a brand and its prospective customers. Hence, it becomes crucial for businesses to ensure that the website comprises top-quality content to engage and convert seamlessly.

In this post, we will tell you about the best Instagram widget plugins that can be used for your WordPress website to create and embed a highly engaging Instagram widget.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Top WordPress Plugins For Creating Instagram Widgets 

#1. Tagembed WordPress Plugin

Tagembed WordPress Plugin

Tagembed WordPress Plugin

First up on the list is the Tagembed Widget plugin, one of the best and leading WordPress plugins that enables brands to collect, curate, and embed social media content, including Instagram feeds, on your website seamlessly.

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The platform users can aggregate the content as per their preferred connection type, i.e., hashtags, mentions, usernames, etc. After the content aggregation, the users can leverage the additional features of the plugin to upscale the effectiveness of the Instagram widget.

The Tagembed plugin comes with a huge range of styling options like themes, templates, colors, fonts, etc., to make the widget more visually appealing. Additionally, the plugin offers a content moderation panel for users to remove unwanted or inappropriate content from the widget and ensure the topmost quality of content.

Not only this, the plugin allows the users to leverage insightful analytics and get details like engagement levels, sentiment analysis, total impressions, etc., to determine the performance of the widget and optimize it accordingly. The users can take assistance from the back support team if they encounter any issues while using the tool.

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#2 Taggbox Widget

Second up on the list is the Taggbox WordPress plugin, another leading social media aggregation tool that allows the plugin users to collect, curate, and embed content from over 18+ social media networks, including Instagram. The users can collect the content by choosing their preferred source.

Moreover, this plugin offers various features that can increase the impact of the Instagram widget. The plugin offers customization, a moderation panel, and back support.

#3 Feed Them Social

Another great WordPress plugin for aggregating and embedding social media feeds is the Feed Them Social plugin. The plugin comes in two versions – a basic version that is free of cost and offers limited display types and features.

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If the users want to use better features and choose from more display options, they need to upgrade to the paid version of the plugin. Overall, the Instagram widget is completely customizable and mobile responsive, i.e., compatible with most screen sizes.

#4 Enjoy Instagram Plugin

Next up on the list is the Enjoy Instagram plugin for WordPress. This plugin enables users to aggregate Instagram content from their preferred hashtags and accounts. After aggregating the content, the Instagram widget can be displayed in a carousel or a photo grid.

Additionally, the users can embed the Instagram widget in the form of a sidebar widget. Overall, the enjoy Instagram plugin is another great option that can be considered for this strategy.

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#5 WPZOOM Social Media Widget

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin that gives its users complete control over the Instagram widget, you can leverage the WPZOOM social media widget. It is another great feature-rich plugin that gives you the ability to display the Instagram widget on the footer and the sidebar areas of the website.

You can use the additional features of this WordPress plugin to work on the display bit of the Instagram widget and make it more appealing.

Final Thoughts

We have reached the end of this post, and you are now aware of the best WordPress plugins for your website that can help you create and embed Instagram feed on your website in a matter of a few clicks and minutes.

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Using an Instagram widget on your website is a great strategy as it offers multiple benefits that result in more conversions and sales. Go on now, select your preferred WordPress plugin and make your brand grow like never before using the power of Instagram!

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