February 22, 2022

Best Tech Websites: 15 of the Top General, VR, AR & Metaverse Sites 


  • 1 The Best Tech Websites To Stay Up-to-Date With the Industry’s Benefits and Latest Trends
  • 2 6 Best Tech Websites With a Broad Range of Topics
    • 2.1 Wired.com
    • 2.2 Theverge.com
    • 2.3 Mashable.com
    • 2.4 Venturebeat.com
    • 2.5 Gizmodo.com
    • 2.6 Digitaltrends.com
  • 3 5 Best Tech Websites That Focus on Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)
    • 3.1 Uploadvr.com
    • 3.2 Roadtovr.com
    • 3.3 Vrworld.com
    • 3.4 Arvrmagazine.com
    • 3.5 Arpost.co
  • 4 4 Best Tech Websites That Look Into the Metaverse
    • 4.1 Medium.com/building-the-metaverse
    • 4.2 Metamandrill.com
    • 4.3 Ryanschultz.com
    • 4.4 MatthewBall.vc
  • 5 Common Elements of the Best Technology Websites

Best tech websites. It’s a phrase that goes through most people’s minds on occasion. Technology moves fast, and everyone wants to stay up-to-date. But it’s not always clear which sites can keep you informed about general news and specific trends. You’ll soon find out how to do so with sites focusing on general tech, VR/AR, and the metaverse.

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The Best Tech Websites To Stay Up-to-Date With the Industry’s Benefits and Latest Trends

Technology is one of the essential parts of the modern world. It’s something that everyone depends on for their professional and personal lives. And staying up-to-date with the latest tech trends means thriving in both aspects of your life.

Much of this benefit comes from staying up to date with technology means that you know about trends before they enter the public consciousness. You’ll learn all about the next big thing when most people hear about it for the first time. This gives you the ability to plan for the future. Likewise, you’ll be able to demonstrate strong leadership and credibility in doing so.

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Knowing about the latest tech also means increased efficiency. For example, if you keep up with metaverse websites, you’ll know how to leverage new features within those digital domains. You’ll implement new metaverse-related ideas faster and more efficiently than the competition.

You’ll also find that you’re more confident in every aspect of your life. Thanks to a solid understanding of new technologies, you’ll be included in and even lead conversations. This will lead to new connections and opportunities, which will, in turn, provide room for personal and professional growth.

6 Best Tech Websites With a Broad Range of Topics

Best Tech Websites

Best Tech Websites

The best tech websites come in many different forms. Some of them are organized around a specific type of technology. But some of the best technology websites provide a wide range of coverage that touches on almost every aspect of the industry. Each of the following sites provides readers with a broad overview of nearly everything related to technology.

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Wired isn’t just one of the best tech websites. It’s arguably among the first news sources to bring the more advanced side of technology to the public’s attention. This is because Wired has initially been a magazine. It began publication in 1993 and helped guide people into the upcoming digital realm of the Internet. The magazine would itself start publishing content online in 1994. Its online form continues to bring cutting-edge tech news to the public.


The Verge was launched in 2011 with one goal above all others. The company wanted to explore and report on the ways technology is changing the future. In 2011 the world had fully integrated most aspects of the Internet into daily life. People were online, smartphones had become common, and the future had arrived. The Verge saw how much technology had changed people’s lives and wanted to educate and explore where those trends were heading.

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Mashable is another one of the best tech websites with a notable history. It was created in 2005. This was when smartphones were still a few years away, and the public was learning about the new tech on the horizon. But Mashable was ahead of the curve and helped guide people into an ever more connected future. The site continues to offer tech news with a particular focus on public wellbeing.


VentureBeat was created to bring people the information they need to know about genuinely transformative technologies. This fits under the best tech websites with a focus on general technology. However, VentureBeat emphasizes technology that has a solid potential to change the world in fundamental ways. This includes subjects like artificial intelligence and machine learning. The site also makes sure readers understand the subjects by providing guides and explanations of foundational information.

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Gizmodo is one of the best tech websites to discover how technology changes the world in unexpected ways. The site reports on a wide variety of different technological innovations. For example, it looks at the latest TVs, smartphones, and computer equipment. This can include innovations intended for personal use. But it also examines how technological innovations change people’s relationships with the world. This can include subjects ranging from politics to an animal’s DNA.


Digital Trends was created to highlight the most important technologies within people’s lives. It doesn’t just focus on the gadgets you use. It instead illustrates how you can use those devices to live your life to its fullest. Digital Trends even looks into the lives and stories of the people who created the technologies that power your life. It’s one of the best tech websites where you can find a very human-oriented view of technology.

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5 Best Tech Websites That Focus on Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual and augmented reality are two technologies growing at a rapid pace. Virtual reality allows you to enter into entire digital worlds through special headsets. At the same time, augmented reality uses unique displays to overlay digital content in the real world. The best tech websites covering this subject provide informative and in-depth coverage.


UploadVR aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the point at which VR, AR, and humanity intersect. This includes all of the technology used in augmented and virtual reality. But UploadVR has a larger scope than just the gear used to enter virtual realms. UploadVR is one of the best tech websites because it examines the full context of VR and AR. This includes software used with the tech along with developer and expert opinions.

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Road to VR isn’t just one of the best tech websites covering virtual reality. It’s also one of the top independent news publications which focus on consumer VR. Road to VR covers almost every imaginable aspect of the subject. This includes the hardware and software you can currently find in stores and the bleeding edge of new VR technologies. You’ll find new ways to use VR, where it’s heading, and analysis of design principles.


VR World launched in 2014 to provide tech news, analysis, and projections. It’s become one of the best tech websites because it’s succeeded in that mission. But part of that success comes from a particular interest in disruptive technologies. VR World is especially interested in technologies that change people’s entire world perception. It’s little surprise that this has made the site a trusted voice in VR and AR.

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The best technology websites are usually born out of a passion for a particular subject. AR/VR Magazine is no exception to that rule. The site began out of genuine love for all types of immersive technology. And it’s now ranked among the best tech websites to learn about AR, VR, 360 content, and sim-tech. In addition to the website, they also have a podcast. They even give people multiple ways to stay up to date.


AR Post was created to provide people with a deep dive into the world of XR technology. This includes VR and AR. But XR also encompasses mixed reality and various techniques that mix and merge the technological and analog spaces. AR Post’s unique focus makes them one of the best tech websites to find news, reviews, and even opinions about all of those topics. It shows the human side of XR technology.

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4 Best Tech Websites That Look Into the Metaverse

Virtual and augmented reality technology is often used to explore the metaverse. The metaverse is a vast and boundless digital environment that effectively opens up a whole new world to explore. The best tech websites are covering the metaverse show how this continually expanding frontier is evolving.


The metaverse is extremely important. But it can also seem intimidatingly complex. Thankfully, people like John Radoff can help make things a little clearer. Radoff has created one of the best tech websites to explore the most difficult aspects of the metaverse. He breaks these topics down and explains them in a way that’s easy to understand. For example, he’s drawn up the 7 layers of the metaverse.

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Metamandrill.com looks at the metaverse as a technology that’s in constant development. This has made it one of the best tech websites to see the metaverse as a continually growing universe. They examine the metaverse by looking at it as a merging of the online world and the physical one. This creates a discussion that highlights how people live within it. This might seem complex at times. But Metamandrill essentially makes the world of the metaverse clear.


The metaverse has an impressive history. And Ryan Schultz is an explorer and historian of that digital landscape. He runs one of the best tech websites, which approaches the subject with a true appreciation for the metaverse’s history. It features the latest news and information about social VR, the metaverse, and virtual worlds. Schultz’s long history enhances this with the subject. It’s information from someone who’s lived the metaverse’s history.

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Business is a big part of the metaverse. Access to and support for the metaverse comes through economic concerns. The same goes for the research and development of related technologies. And there are even businesses that primarily operate in the metaverse. This is one of the reasons why Matthew Ball’s work ranks among the best tech websites about the metaverse. He has a strong background in business and the metaverse, which shine within his articles. `

Common Elements of the Best Technology Websites

The best tech websites are one of the most essential tools for the modern world. You now have everything you need to stay informed about the latest advances. You’ll now be able to understand specific technologies and how they coverage.

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