June 24, 2020

Creating a Video Chat App: Features to Include 


  • 1 Why ToTok Is So Popular?
  • 2 Key Features to Include in Video Messenger Apps Like ToTok
    • 2.1 UX/UI Design
    • 2.2 Onboarding
    • 2.3 Chats
    • 2.4 Video Calls
    • 2.5 Audio Calls
    • 2.6 Contact List
    • 2.7 Notifications
    • 2.8 Media and File Sharing
    • 2.9 Video/Audio Message Recording
    • 2.10 Message History
    • 2.11 Media Library
    • 2.12 Chat Backgrounds
  • 3 Conclusion

Video calling has become quite simple these days. Thanks to the number of video chat apps available on the market for mobile devices, computers, and even tablets. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, video chat apps have become much more popular. ToTok is one such app. Launched in UAE in 2019, the ToTok messenger was created to meet the demands of people for free online video and audio calling because free VoIP services like WhatsApp, Skype, and more are banned in UAE.

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Why ToTok Is So Popular?

The main reason for the popularity of ToTok is that it is a free app that can be used to make video and audio calls. It’s a simple messenger that has been surrounded by many controversies.  ToTok offers the following features for its users:

  • Free, unlimited video calls
  • Free, unlimited audio calls
  • File exchange
  • Conference calls for 20 users simultaneously
  • Option to send video and audio messages
  • Option to share location
  • Ability to exchange GIFs and stickers
  • AI-enabled retouching filter that can be used during video calls

If you are planning to build a video chat application like ToTok, then you can hire mobile app developers India who have the experience and knowledge to create such an app. Make sure that they include the following features in the app to make it a hit.

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Key Features to Include in Video Messenger Apps Like ToTok

UX/UI Design

UX/UI design is of utmost importance. To target a wide range of audience, ensure to have an intuitive and minimalistic design. While building a video chat app, keep in mind that users of different technical proficiency and ages will be using it. So, make the app convenient to use for everyone.


The onboarding process in a video chat app should be secure and fast to make it a simple and convenient communication tool. The mobile app developers India can make the app use phone numbers of users to sign up. This will encrypt the app and save them from third party usage.

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It is certainly possible to create a VoIP service only for calls but to make it more famous among the present generation of users, text messages should also be included. Group chats can also be added along with one-on-one messaging to make the app popular. Besides, the app should let users mute their chats for a specific time or forever when they are busy.

Video Calls

This is the most important feature of a video chat app. Because we are discussing how to create an app like ToTok, this is a must-have feature. The app should not just let users make a one-on-one call but allow for group calls as well. This feature can be of added advantage especially for gatherings and meetings during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Audio Calls

They are the heart and soul of apps like ToTok. Nearly all VoIP services at present offer an audio calling feature. So, to make your app different, you will have to offer a high-quality and fast connection. Ensure that users of your app can hear one another clearly without any distortions and delays.

Contact List

You cannot create a video chat application without the contact list option. The components that make a contact list include search engines and integration with the phonebook of the user. Offer the users the option to automatically fill their contact list by searching phone numbers within your system. But ensure to take permission to access a phonebook.

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They are another important feature of a messenger like ToTok. Notifications ensure that users do not miss any messages when the application is in their device’s background. Ensure to offer the ability to customize notifications so that the users can easily mute their app if they are busy.

Media and File Sharing

Another convenient feature for the users in a video chat app is sharing their files and media without needing to upload them on a third-party application. In this case, you can limit the size of the media or file that users can directly send.

Video/Audio Message Recording

If the app has a media sharing feature, then the users get the ability to record audio and video messages outside the applications. They can then share those messages in their chats. But it is not a convenient way to communicate. Rather, your app should offer the ability to connect it with the microphone and camera of a device so that the users can easily record and send any media in the application itself. It will not only save time but enhance user’s experience as well.

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Message History

Your app should have the ability to store messages. There are different policies for message storage. You can either let your app store messages of users until they delete them or clear the messages after a specific period. To make your app stand out, offer your users the option to choose for how long they wish to store their messages.

Media Library

Ask the mobile app developers India to include a media library in the app. It will let you find videos and images as they are not searchable easily through the traditional search feature.

Chat Backgrounds

With this feature, users will be able to customize their chats. Offers your users a range of backgrounds to select from. You can also implement a feature that lets users add their own pictures to the gallery.

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The need and demand for voice chat apps are increasing day by day. If you have an idea to build a voice chat app like ToTok, now is the right time to do so. You can contact mobile app developersIndia who have the right experience and expertise to create an app for you. Don’t delay anymore since now is the perfect time to join the voice chat app industry with your app.

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