December 25, 2019

Easy Ways to Create an Infinite Scroll to your WordPress Website 


  • 1 #1 Use the Jetpack plugin
  • 2 #2 Using Ajax Load More
  • 3 #3 Install Infinite Scroll Manually
  • 4 #4 Use a free plugin

Infinite scrolling is a technique in web-design that eliminates pagination by continuously loading content. It enables the user to scroll down as the page reloads continuously rather than clicking on the next button multiple times to access web pages. Infinite scrolling has been quite successful on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Steady and continuous scrolling is great for streaming content constantly.

When you have a long, endless page on your WordPress Website, it ensures that your users explore more and that they spend more time on it because they are constantly engaged with your content Creating an infinite scroll to your WordPress has the potential of making your site as addictive as Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter in-spite of not commanding as much traffic.

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Some of the benefits of using an Infinite Scroll for your site are:

  • Easy reading experience
  • Enhanced mobile experience
  • User engagement is increased and retained
  • Better site navigation
  • Improved visual content

If you feel like endless scrolling’ is a cool effect for your WordPress Website, read along and find out how you can do it in a few, easy ways.

#1 Use the Jetpack plugin

This plugin contains tools for site management, security as well as the infinite scroll. For WordPress Developers, follow the directions below to install the Jetpack plugin onto your clients’ site.

  1. Install the Jetpack plugin and connect it to your WordPress site. After installation, an option to connect to will appear. You will have to approve access after signing into your WordPress account or creating one if you have none. Once you’ve completed connection, you’re able to start with the free version and you will automatically be reverted to your WordPress dashboard where the plugin will request you to activate recommended features. You will have to skip this step if you only want the infinite scroll.
  2. Activate the Infinite Scroll Module. After connecting the plugin to your site, you now need to activate the Infinite Scroll Module. To be able to activate it, you will have to go to Jetpack settings and scroll to the bottom where you’ll find the Theme Enhancements option and click the option for ‘load posts as reader scrolls down’. Don’t  forget to save your settings
  3. After the first two steps are successful, Infinite scroll is now active on your site and ensure that the infinite scroll behaviour box is checked.
  4. Check that everything works properly. After everything is installed and checked, all that’s left to do is to ensure that infinite scroll is working well. As you scroll down your site page, it should be able to seamlessly load posts as you get to the bottom of the page.
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#2 Using Ajax Load More

This method is more advanced than the first and if you’re a beginner or have no idea what to do, I’d recommend using the first method or employ the services of a WordPress Developer to assist you. The benefits of using Ajax are that it:

  • Decides when to prompt the Infinite scroll to load
  • Is able to customize your content templates
  • Will arrange content by categories

Before you install this plugin, on your WordPress Website, a developer will:

  • Use templates provided by the plugin to create content repeater templates using PHP
  • Install the content repeater template using a short code builder that will be provided by the plugin onto a page.
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This just simply means that you will be using an Ajax Load More short code instead of your usual blog archive pages.

AJAX allows fresh data to be delivered without refreshing web pages.

#3 Install Infinite Scroll Manually

There are sites that have themes that do not support Infinite scroll and this then means that you’ll have to install it manually onto your site.

For this to happen, you will need to first activate Infinite Scroll and you will need to install the below code  offered by Tyler Longren for this solution:

 function mytheme_infinite_scroll_init() {
add_theme_support( ‘infinite-scroll’, array(
‘container’ => ‘content’,
‘render’ => ‘mytheme_infinite_scroll_render’,
‘footer’ => ‘wrapper’,
) );
add_action( ‘init’, ‘mytheme_infinite_scroll_init’ );

After this, you need to set up a function for the feature in the code which is responsible for infinite scrolling and loading new posts. This is ‘mytheme_infinite_scroll_init’. You will then have to add the following implementation which can be used with the Jetpack plugin as well.

function mytheme_infinite_scroll_render() {
get_template_part( ‘loop’ );

You are now set up and your infinite scroll should be ready for use. If it’s not working, keep in mind that your theme might have to be changed because unlike many other modern themes, it may not be made to support this feature.

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#4 Use a free plugin

Infinite Scroll Plugin is easily added onto any site by adding a feature that can be directly added onto your website.

The only thing you will need to do for WordPress Development is to activate the plugin and begin using it to reap the benefits. Once you activate this plugin and it’s running, you will be able to customize it to your theme and site. One of the main benefits of this plugin is its ability to store a database of different themes you had previously used.

A downside is that it will only be able to use it on the home page of your site and not on the categories menu.

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