February 5, 2022

Gigawatts, Hertz, Gigahertz, Gigaflops, And Everything Else In-Between 

As a business owner, well, as anyone really it would be a tall ask to expect you to be able to know the difference between hertz, gigahertz, gigaflops, and everything else in between. Just the names alone suggest you might need to be an Astrophysicist to even understand them, let alone know what the differences are, the thing is, you kind of need people on your team that do.

Gigawatts, Hertz, Gigahertz, Gigaflops, And Everything Else In-Between

Gigawatts, Hertz, Gigahertz, Gigaflops, And Everything Else In-Between

We need more gigawatts Marty

If you remember the movie, Back to The Future then you’ll know how unreal and futuristic it all seemed at the time, complete sci-fi for sure. As time has passed though technology has started to prove a few things right and, although you’re not exactly able to jump in a DeLorean and go Back to The Future, a real-life flux capacitor has been invented, what it does is another matter.

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The point is that way back in 1985, if somebody from Dynamic Solutions Group told you that there would be electric cars that can outperform pretty much any machine designed around a combustion engine, you might have thought that they were stark raving bonkers. Or, that when you first started to use the Internet, you would ‘within your lifetime’ be able to download something at a rate of 10’000mbps using fibre optic cable, you’d have probably come to a similar conclusion.

You’ve got to keep up

Being able to keep up with technology, and running a business are two full time jobs in themselves so you’d likely have to put one on hold whilst handling the other, even just to understand how barcode scanners do what they do. If you’re a business owner that probably isn’t a very realistic task, but you must keep up. Tech is the way forward and like it or not it will soon become the very heart and sole of most businesses, replacing people as automation starts to become ‘more real’.

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So, you need to know your Gigawatts from your Hearts to your Gigahertz, and even your Gigaflops, if you don’t, who’s to say that you might not get bamboozled into buying something, or signing up for a service that you don’t need?

Riddle me this

When it comes to the Internet, most people haven’t a clue what the difference is between download, upload, and bandwidth, let alone know what they are currently getting against what they were promoted, or what they are paying for. Take 5g for example, if your network provider can’t provide you with a solid 300 Mbps download speed which is the theoretical max speed of 4g then why on earth would you jump on board and sign up for 5g which is supposed to be up to 100 times faster than 4g?

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Not only that, why would you sign up for a data package that offers you 50Gbps of data allowance for a month, if you’re downloading decent sized files which can often be multiple Gigabytes at a time, you’d have no data left in no time at all, even if max speed were available. In business, you need savvy people around you, especially when it comes to tech, so, at the very least get somebody on board who knows about this stuff.

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