October 16, 2021

Gojek Clone – Start Your On-Demand Multiservices With 70+ Services In One App 

You want to eat a pizza; you are opening an app to place the order.

You need a babysitter; you are opening an app and connecting it with the babysitters nearby.

Likewise, for every chore, you use a single application. Isn’t it tiring to do this activity multiple times a day? I wish there was an app that could accommodate all the services that you are using. – The Gojek Clone App addresses all these and more of these day-to-day challenges, streamlining your daily life.

Gojek Clone

Gojek Clone

For those who do not yet know about the Gojek Application, let’s start with the introduction. For

What Is Gojek Application?

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Gojek Application was launched in Indonesia, in 2010 and offers taxi booking services. It began its entrepreneurial journey with 20 odd drivers, gradually increasing the offerings like Taxi Booking, On-Demand Delivery Services, Parce/logistics Services, and On-Demand Services.

This All in One Service application was soon a profit-making one, attracting high-profile investors like Facebook, PayPal, Google, Visa, and Tencent.

The app was a huge success, especially among people who don’t have much time to switch from one app to another. They can access any service on the go through a single application.

Gojek Application has lured business owners and startups to develop Customized On-Demand Multiservices App matching that of Gojek. Developing an app like Gojek can help you gain a lot of traction in the business without spending a lot of money.

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Invest In Next Big Trendy Thing in OnDemand Space

You can establish a monopoly in the market by launching a white-labeled Gojek clone app in geographical areas where people have yet to taste the benefits of using multi-service apps.

Offering a wide range of services, we are talking about 70+ services. Yes, the app can easily handle that many services for your users so that they don’t have to download multiple apps and compromise their phone storage.

With the Gojek Clone App, everything is taken care of. The primary service panels include

  1. On-Demand taxi booking solutions
  1. On-Demand Services like Electricians, Plumbers, Handyman Services, Cleaning Services, Babysitters, Pet Walkers, Lawyers, Doctors, Car-washing Services, Sanitization Services, etc.
  1. Single- and multiple-package Parcel/Logistics services that enable your users to send and receive single- and multiple-package packages from a single or multiple locations.
  1. On-demand delivery services enable your customers to receive store-based deliveries such as food, groceries, wine, water bottles, medicine, office supplies, and so on.
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Is It Easy To Develop An App like Gojek? – We Clear Your Doubts Here

Developing an app like Gojek is not easy. It is a time-consuming process and will take months and months to get your app launched.

You have seen how seamlessly it fits 70+ On-Demand Services into one app, addressing the pain points of the users.

However, the reason everything is well-synced is because of the technologies and the hard work of the skilled professionals that are put to use.

Usually, there are two ways to develop this Mega App.

  • Developing right from scratch
  • Buying Gojek Clone Script Solution
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The first option is costly, time-consuming, and will require spending money on maintenance and upgrades.

The latter one is cheaper, quick to launch within a week, and gives 100% flexibility to customize how you want.

Entrepreneurs are going to go gaga over the economic option because it takes away the stress of getting that kind of capital. Once you have okayed the Gojek Clone App Demo, the app development team will roll out the White-label solution, which can be marketed under your brand name. The app is authentic and 100% customizable.

This arrangement is easy, quick, and can be done and launch your business within 7 days. Gojek Clone App Source Code allows the owners to modify, remove/add services, features, and make other adjustments without hiring technical help.

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So, all in all, it is a profitable venture from the business point of view.

Choose a Professional Gojek Clone App Development Company

Your idea of launching an app like Gojek and having a vision of becoming a multi-millionaire is directly related to the app development company you are hiring.

Thus, you must choose the best Gojek Clone App Development Company as it makes a huge difference in the making of your app.

A professional app development company will deliver a high-quality app in the agreed time frame. Review their clients’ work and testimonials for better clarity.

A good app development company offers timely upgrades, technical support, and bug support for at least a year.

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