December 10, 2018

Here’s How Elon Musk Is Planning to Provide Supercharges in Europe 


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Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has always been known to make brave or tall promises. This time, he is promising to cover the European region with a supercharger or have a complete network of fast electric chargers. The deadline set for this is next year while responding to a question on the social media, Twitter. This looks to be an ambitious plan since several countries have to be covered and the time-frame is short.

High Concentration

Responding to a query, Musk is confident of extending the supercharger cover to Europe in 2019, be it Ireland or Kiev or from Norway to Turkey. Until now, Tesla has focused extensively on Western Europe in providing electric fast chargers network. As a result, there are no superchargers in countries such as Moldova, Serbia, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Albania. The CEO has a sketch to concentrate on cities and work with landlords so that home charging units could be added at apartment buildings.

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Musk has also been compelled to respond to a follower in the social media as the tweet pointed out that the intended superchargers for Austin and San Antonio for the current year are yet to be completed. He responded to comment that every big highway in Texas would get superchargers. This included not only across Mexico but through the way to Brownsville. He did not leave out the African market where he is planning to bring it under the network in 2020.

Target Missed

In 2012, the electric vehicle maker introduced the supercharger network concept so that long-distance travelers will not have to face the charging issue. A supercharger could add a maximum of 170 miles in approximately half-an-hour though opinion differs on this. Though Musk is known to make audacious promises, there were instances where the company failed to meet the promise or the targeted levels of covering with electric fast chargers network in the past. However, there is no doubt that it has made significant progress in coverage and investment.

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Tesla indicated in April 2017 that it would make efforts to double international superchargers network to over 10,000 from about 5,400 before the end of the year. However, it could reach only 8,250 superchargers in 2017 leaving a minimum of 1,750 superchargers to be established. Similarly, for the current year, Musk promised to have 18,000 superchargers, and the indication is that it could reach only 11,583 as of December 27. The company also failed to meet its estimated production level in the past.

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