November 4, 2020

Hey, you! Do you want to gain popularity on Youtube? Here’s how you do it! 

Youtube is the biggest video sharing platform in the world. Everyone has heard of it, and everyone uses it.

It also has allowed quite many people to turn their hobbies into careers, whether it’s singing (for example, Justin Bieber) or vlogging. In the 21st century, when Youtube has more than 30 million channels, it’s become quite challenging to stand out and become popular.

Do you want to gain subscribers fast?

Do you want to increase the number of views of your videos?

There’s quite much information about simple Youtube tips, such as making your channel look appealing and promoting it on other social media platforms on the Internet. So, the tips and tricks here are different, more concrete, and effective:

  1. Create playlists
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A playlist allows your viewers to know which video comes after which and watch them consecutively. Regardless of what type of content you provide on your channel, creating a playlist will help you organize it better. For example, if you are teaching your viewers the french language and you make a playlist based on knowledge levels, your viewers will know immediately which playlist to play. In addition to this, when one video ends, the next one begins right away and gets you more views.

  1. Use custom thumbnails

Thumbnails are a huge part of Youtube users’ decisions when they are searching for the right content for them. You can find quite much advice on the Internet on how to make your thumbnails stand out, but the truth is you can’t trust the majority of them. The first and biggest tip is to make the thumbnail as accurate and relevant to the video it’s describing as possible. Because if you mislead your viewers, they will get annoyed, and you will risk losing a potential subscriber.

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Match the style of the thumbnail to your channel’s “personality”!

For example, if your channel is rather minimalistic and elegant, don’t use bright colors because they don’t match the tone of your channel and will create unrealistic expectations.

  1. Engage with your audience

No matter what your Youtube marketing strategy is, it revolves around your target audience. You can’t become successful unless you have a set number of loyal subscribers. To build a relationship with your audience, you have to engage with them consistently. If your viewers don’t feel appreciated and important, they might decide not to follow you. So, find some time to thank them for positive feedback, answer their questions. You can even use Youtube live streams to form closer connections to them.

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Don’t ignore your audience! Talk to your subscribers frequently!

In addition to communication, your viewers love it when the channel looks professional and more popular. So, the more subscribers you have, the higher the chance is that people will follow you because they expect high-quality content from you. But it’s quite hard to gain subscribers, especially in the beginning when you are just starting. That’s why some people buy Youtube shares to maximize their reach and funnel more video views and likes.

If you realize the importance of building a relationship with your viewers and want to take some additional steps to encourage them to subscribe, running a contest is a good idea. A contest encourages the Youtube community to like, comment, and share that has a positive effect on your rankings. When you run a contest make sure that the contests itself and the prize are both relevant to your channel. For example, if you are a beauty blogger, your prize can’t be books, right? It should be either skincare or haircare products or others.

  1. Reach out to influencers
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Influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular because it’s an efficient way to attract an audience. Social media can be of great help in finding local influencers who are interested in the same sphere as you. You can ask them to promote your Youtube content. It will boost your reach because they already have a steady audience. You can also reach out to influencers to get twitch followers.

Even one share from an influencer means thousands of views for you!

These tips and tricks will help you gain popularity on Youtube. But to stay relevant and keep your steady growth of views and subscribers, be creative and consistent!

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