August 25, 2020

How Can You Boost Your Website On The 1st Page Of Google? 

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  • 1 Getting On The First Page Of Google With SEO Expert
  • 2 Using Accurate Keywords
  • 3 Meta Title
  • 4 Meta Description
  • 5 URL & Alt Tags
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Wondering how you can boost your website to get free google traffic? If yes, then this article has got you covered with the essentials. You might already be aware of the importance of Google in driving organic traffic. It is a free powerful traffic that has the potential to convert. Google crawls the web for relevant information and people rely on them. Google has the power of ranking small businesses and that too for free.

Getting On The First Page Of Google With SEO Expert

You must be aware of what search engine optimization is. It is the practice of aligning the website with ranking factors so that google could drive you the traffic. If you do not have time for ranking the site yourself then hire an SEO expert. But if you are ready to learn then let’s dig into the details about how to rank your website on the first page of google.

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Using Accurate Keywords

First of all, you need to determine your keywords. What are the keywords? These are the phrases or words that people search in the google search bar. There is no limit to the number of keywords. It can be a single word or multiple phrases. Many a time, you can do the mistake of trying to rank for hard keywords. If you are unsure how to go about keyword research then take the assistance of SEO expert. Now, first of all, you need to give google the right signal about the keywords you wish to rank. In order for Google to crawl the web and rank a particular web page your website should be relevant. There are certain places in which you have to place keywords for making the post rank on google.

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Meta Title

Seo experts suggest that you need to place the keyword in the meta title. Every page of your website has a meta title that appears as a header at the top of the page and this is dependent on the cms setting.

Meta Description

Seo expert will advise you to place the keyword in the meta description that appears below the title in the google results. Meta description signals both the google and researcher the accurate relevance of the blog post. It quickly helps the research to decide whether to click on the web page or not. By putting keywords and the variations of keywords in the meta description you are actually helping Google with relevance.

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URL & Alt Tags

Next, you need to prioritize the URL. Include the keywords in the URL so google could identify your page and deem it more trustworthy. Google is more likely to rank a page that has an accurate suitable URL. Next, you need to be cautious of the alt tags. Include the keywords in the alt tags for boosting the relevancy.

Writing Style

Lastly, SEO experts suggest writing for humans. SEO experts suggest avoiding keyword stuffing in all respect for ranking your page. Do not include excessive keywords in your body and this will not lead you much far. Instead of writing for the google bots, you have to write for the target audience who would find the information useful. Write in a conversational tone that is easier for the audience to read and understand. The more your target audience finds the information useful the better for you.

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