October 25, 2019

How Dynamics 365 CRM Influencing Great Customer Experience For Businesses? 

Companies are deploying  Dynamics 365 solutions for managing interactions between their customers. Dynamics CRM is more like a strategy that is intended to assist businesses in boosting their productivity level and customer satisfaction and retention. These solutions are powerful enough to influence great customer experience and help in monitoring older interactions, pending invoices, the status of orders, etc.


  • 1 What is customer experience?
  • 2 Understanding the duos CRM and customer relationship
    • 2.1 It creates transparent customer experience vision
    • 2.2 Targets right customers
    • 2.3 Record feedback in real time
    • 2.4 Better ROI measuring with great customer experience
    • 2.5 Close more deals
    • 2.6 More referrals and revenue from old customers
    • 2.7 Optimize performance
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Digital commerce world is using and taking the help of dynamics 365 implementation services for tracking client data individually. As the data of each client is crucial for the sales team to deal with their customers, these solutions make processes simpler.

What is customer experience?

Customer experience can be explained by communication between a customer and a company throughout their business relationship. This communication can be related with awareness, cultivation, discovery, purchases, service, and advocacy.

Customer experience is a significant part of CRM and a positive customer experience brings loyal customer to the business. As we all know, a business needs customers for survival and growth and so the companies are emphasizing on winning new business and retaining old customers.

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Understanding the duos CRM and customer relationship

Data center industry is providing numerous services to variety of companies and organizations. The best part of these services is that all of them are subjected to help in enhancing customer service and relationship. Call centers are deploying CRM solutions for achieving efficient customer service and better customer relationships. With software, the businesses are able to get higher profit margins as compared to others who are still unaware of these solutions.

CRM brings new customers and prospects and works on customer engagement efficiently. You can use numerous strategies while applying such software such as chatbot and web help. Social media usage is the next strategy used by businesses for driving potential customers for the company. CRM integration with social media can help boost business growth.

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Customer relationship management software is being used by the industry to track the history of the present customers. The software assists them in finding loyal customers so that business or company can easily offer them loyalty points. This brings new customers and retains the older ones. Moreover, with implementation of customer relationship management software, companies are able to resolve issues faster.

Clients measure the capacity of businesses by finding the ways used by businesses for handling customers’ complaints and problems. CRM resolves the issues and complaints in streamlined way. It sorts out the issues and queries and takes them to the relevant department of the business.

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This enhances the customer experience with grace in many ways. Let’s learn how CRM offers better customer experience.

It creates transparent customer experience vision

The initial step in any customer experience strategy is to acquire a clear customer-centric vision that can be discussed within the company. This vision is a set of statements used as guiding principles. Right alignment of these principles will drive the behavior of the company. Each staff member of the company should learn these principles and the company should embed them in all areas of training and development.

Targets right customers

CRM understands the requirements of the company and targets right customers. It understands the customer desires and needs and connects & bonds with them.

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Record feedback in real time

You are providing the best customer experience, you believe- but the truth is spoken by your real customers. The live chat tools process real time conversations and create follow up email to each customer using different post-interaction surveys and other customer experience tools. With dynamics 365 everything is possible from making outbound calls to customers to get insights of feedback.

Better ROI measuring with great customer experience

Your company’s ROI will tell if all your investment in the teams, process and technology are worth and fruitful. Your business results have all the answers. Measuring customer experience is the top most challenge ever encountered by a company. However, there are CRM solutions to measure customer experience for company management team to decide if they need to invest in other channels.

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Dynamics 365 software benefits your business in numerous ways. Apart from enhancing customer service and customer experience, it also works on other things of the business. Let’s discuss them in brief-

Close more deals

CRM system helps identify the leads faster and precisely. It simply categorizes the leads in the simplest way and creates winning sales pitch to gain new leads and reduce response time.

More referrals and revenue from old customers

CRM highlights the new incoming opportunities. It offers good customer service that can bring happy customers in return. Happy customers can become a loyal one and this will increase the revenue because repeat customer spends more than the new customer.

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Optimize performance

CRM offers dashboard to the business that provides you a real-time picture of the business growth and performance. This helps further in analyzing the performance.

When you decide to use any dynamics 365 solution or technology, do check if it supports your business strategy and lowers your overhead expenses.

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