February 5, 2022

How Product Customization Can Help Increase Customer Satisfaction 


  • 1 How Product Customization Can Help Increase Customer Satisfaction
    • 1.1 Provide Multiple Choices
    • 1.2 Help Establish an Emotional Connection
    • 1.3 Transparent Pricing, Quick Delivery, & Fewer Product Returns
  • 2 Examples of Brands Acing at Product Customization
  • 3 Concluding Remarks

Why is customer satisfaction so important?

The direct reason is satisfied customers are more likely to do repeat business. Not just that, they can be the biggest ambassadors of your business.

In a highly competitive industry, where customers switch their loyalties quickly, it is vital for you to work on improving customer satisfaction.

Product customization can help achieve this by delighting customers and providing them with products that best suit their needs.

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How Product Customization Can Help Increase Customer Satisfaction



Customer satisfaction is a result of various factors, including personalized shopping, quick delivery, transparent pricing, and so on. In this section, we will discuss various ways customization can be beneficial in making your customers happy.

Provide Multiple Choices

Shoppers like to have various choices: different colors, designs, payment methods, or delivery methods. This makes them feel that they have more control over their buying decisions.

They expect companies to provide multiple choices and help them get a product that best suits their needs. The more options they have, the easier it becomes for them to choose a perfect fit.

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Without having an Online Designer Tool, it may be challenging in terms of resources to have wide options for each product. You need to purchase a huge stock and store it in your warehouse.

However, with the tool, you can easily offer different options for a single product. For instance, one t-shirt can have different variants including colors, and design templates.

Additionally, you can also choose to go a step ahead with configuration where users can configure each variant of a product individually.

For example, if you use a t-shirt configurator, you can experiment with colors, patterns, etc., or maybe the collar, backside, front, sleeves, etc.

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This way, with product customization, you can offer multiple options for each product and thus help enhance customer satisfaction by enabling shoppers to make the best choice.

Help Establish an Emotional Connection

Brands that connect to customers at an emotional level are more likely to build a satisfied and loyal customer base.

Product customization helps you achieve that by inculcating a sense of ownership for the product among customers.

By enabling product customization, you can get shoppers to actively participate in the product creation process.

They can add a quote that resonates with them, try fonts that are suitable to the message they want to convey, put colors of their choice, etc.

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This process (a) keeps customers engaged, and (b) they are likely to establish a strong connection because they have put in efforts to build it.

Apart from increased satisfaction, another implication of ownership is that shoppers are willing to pay more for a personalized product.

Transparent Pricing, Quick Delivery, & Fewer Product Returns

All these have a major impact on how satisfied a customer is. Here’s how product customization can be of help.

Online Product Designer comes with various features that speeds up the process of printing and shipping.

Unlike the traditional process of design and printing, with the tool, you can have in-built proofing capabilities.

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For instance, if you sell paper products like banners, greeting cards, brochures, packaging, etc., you can benefit from a safety line manager. Users can get a heads-up if their text or image goes out of the printing area with this feature.

You can also give resolution warning messages to stop users from uploading low-quality images.

Secondly, many Online Product Designers come with a 3D preview that lets users view their customizations in real-time. This helps them make better purchase decisions and reduces the chances of a product return.

You can also foster price transparency using the live pricing system of the tool. Users can see the price live when they customize a product. You can decide the price based on different parameters like quantity, color, material, etc.

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Plus, you can generate editable print-ready files to send to end customers for approval with the tool. Once approved, you can pass it ahead to your printer.

All of these, put together, helps in delivering a great shopping experience. It also reduces unnecessary back and forth communication errors and thus ensures timely delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Examples of Brands Acing at Product Customization

Here are some interesting examples of brands offering customization.

Skinit: It is an industry leader in personalized products for electronics devices. They create quality cases and skins for various products, including phones, gaming devices, audio devices, laptops, etc. Using their designer tool, users can create their personalized tech accessories in no time.

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Zazzle: Zazzle is a popular American online marketplace. It allows designers and customers to create their products with individual manufacturers. On Zazzle, you can customize a wide range of products ranging from apparel to stationery. They have also partnered with many companies like Disney to get a collection of designs.

CafePress: CafePress is a retailer of user-customized on-demand products. It aims to inspire people to express themselves with engaging merchandise. It deals with various product categories like apparel, gifts, decor, drinkware, stationery, etc. CafePress has a section on its website, ‘Create Your Own,’ where shoppers can customize products using an Online Product Designer.

Concluding Remarks

Customer satisfaction should be a priority for any business. It comes with various benefits like greater customer loyalty, brand popularity, positive word of mouth, increase in sales, and so on.

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By allowing customers to customize their products, you can offer a personalized experience to boost customer satisfaction.

With Online Product Designer, you can easily get started with your customization journey on your online store. The tool is compatible with major eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, PHP, and such.

Once you integrate the tool with the admin panel of your eCommerce platform, you can configure products, add a design area, enable or disable features as per your business requirements.

When you search for an Online Product Designer, one of the biggest factors to consider is the tool’s ease of use. It needs to have a user-friendly interface and features that help end-customers design their products in a hassle-free manner.

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