February 6, 2022

How Technology is impacting Human Life 


  • 1 Advantageous influence of Technology on Society and Human Life:
  • 2 Technology’s role in Economic Development:
  • 3 Technology’s role in Science:
  • 4 Technology’s role in the Ealhealthcarestem:
  • 5 Technology’s role in Communication:
  • 6 Technology’s role in Education:
  • 7 Flaws and Detritus of Technology:
  • 8 Automation replaces Human Resources:
  • 9 Challenge to Preceptors:
  • 10 Social Disconnect:
  • 11 Health Hazards:
  • 12 Misinformation from the Internet:
  • 13 No Personal Time:
  • 14 Conclusive Remarks:

Technology is the keyword that impacts this world in different aspects of life. Moreover, technology affects how an individual thinks, communicates, and behaves. Technology makes our lives so easy and fast that now we are only a click away from anything. In this fast-paced world, technology helped us in many ways as it improved our living standards. However, the rise in the use of technology is harmful to individuals and society that affects human health and the environment. Moreover, advanced technology is helping to cope better in life. With spectrum phone deals, you can enjoy the latest features so that you can stay connected. Therefore, Technology refers to the methods that require skills, competence, and knowledge to research in the world of science. It is the system that excels at the pace of life and assures the sustainability of life.

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We live in an era where technological advancements have a powerful impact on our daily routines and influence the thinking and learning of society.

Advantageous influence of Technology on Society and Human Life:

In today’s world, modern technology has paved and improved the living standards of society. Technology has made our lives easier, faster, better, and portable. People now have become is primal because of its countless benefits. Individuals are used to technologies that facilitate multi-functional devices like smartwatches, smartphones, computers, laptops, television, and home appliances. Smartphones, laptops, and computers are now faster, portable, and high-powered making them an essential part of our daily life.

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Following are some aspects of society where technological development facilitates our lives and excels in the development of the world.

Technology’s role in Economic Development:

Technological progression is the key to the economic growth of countries, cities, regions, and the world. Economic development and modern technology have a linear relationship with each other as the economy of any country grow with the advancement of technology. Technological advancements smooth the direct job creation. According to some sources, in 2013, technological development paved the global tech market to progress and widen the range of products and services. Technology provides new ways of reaching out to customers and competing for market share through the Internet. Technology has provided a new dimension to the development of a country and thus increasing the economic growth rate.

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Technology’s role in Science:

Technology is essential to develop the scientific ideas, methods, and systems that help to facilitate the research works and progress to make life more portable and easier. With the help of technology, scientists can develop theories, work on those theories and develop new methods. Technology helps in pursuing scientific theories into new inventions. Similarly, the scientific approach is the basis of technological development.

Technology’s role in the Ealhealthcarestem:

Modern and digital technology provides a sustainable healthcare system that boosts the association between the patient and physicians. The development of medicines provides more effective solutions to many diseases. Information technology related to the healthcare system presents multiple opportunities to improve and strengthen the healthcare system by:

  • Reducing human errors.
  • Enhancing clinical outcomes
  • Error-free prescriptions
  • Improvise care coordination
  • Facilitating practice efficiencies.
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Technology’s role in Communication:

Technology influences society by fetching new modes of electronic communications, through which we can talk and communicate with each other worldwide. Technology influences society by fetching new modes of electronic communications, through which we can talk and communicate with each other worldwide. Digital technology helps people connect, store data, equip information, and enhance data security by end-to-end encryption. Electronic communications like Email, networking like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites keep the world connected. The spectrum phone deals have made communication easier.

Technology’s role in Education:

Technology assembled knowledge universal- anyone can now log onto Wikipedia and uncover some information about anything, any topic. If the physical version of any book is unavailable, one can purchase the e-book. Many educational institutes also provide online courses and practicum and allow remote learning. That has made education more affordable than ever.

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Flaws and Detritus of Technology:

There are several edges of modern technology, which are unavoidable, but there are some drawbacks of such advancement in technology. In many areas, devices substitute the human mind.

Automation replaces Human Resources:

Technology provides automation in almost every aspect of life. If there is automation in every manufacturing process, what is the requirement of human resources? Automation in society could lead to unemployment.

Challenge to Preceptors:

Technology indeed provides a medium to make studies interactive and more learning; it can be a gateway to a world of distractions, from social media posts to memes to YouTube videos. A minute of diversion can turn into hours.

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Social Disconnect:

By assembling screened communication so easily, technology has also disincentives in-person socialization. Mobile technology can lessen communication and relations between people. As individuals become more hooked digitally, they have sadly also become more apart socially. Technology does a great job of giving the ‘fantasy’ of a full social life in the absence of a real one. Nowadays, everyone can be ‘pals’ on Facebook, Instagram without spending time to meet in real life.

Health Hazards:

Technology makes the healthcare system more sustainable, while on the other side, it can be harmful to human health. Social media and smartphones can lead to psychological and physical issues. Over time spent on social media increases the rate of depression and anxiety among the youth.

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Misinformation from the Internet:

The Internet has made it manageable for someone to start a buzz, package it as reality, and spread it to a group of people. The exhibition of simulated videos that are nearly imperceptible from actual ones, makes misinformation all that more potent.

No Personal Time:

Though technology makes communication effortless, you find that people do not have enough time for themselves because they are always in contact with others. Now there are fewer social gatherings and more live sessions.

Conclusive Remarks:

The evolution of technology has its weaknesses, people no longer need to think, people no longer make mental calculations, and no longer work his remembrance. At the end of the day, it will require the collaborative effort of us all to assure that the miracles of technology outrank its drawbacks.

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