May 21, 2019

How to drive Traffic to a brand new site with little or no money? 


  • 1 It’s not just bippity boppity boo!
  • 2 Quick Guide to the basics;
  • 3 Great! Now you can move to next stage!
  • 4 Tactics for website promotion!
    • 4.1 1. What’s cooking?
    • 4.2 2. Hello! May I help you?
    • 4.3 3. Fabulous! You work great!
    • 4.4 4. Thank you for owning me!
    • 4.5 5. Are you smart enough?
  • 5 Hola! Welcome the traffic on your website!
  • 6 Got the traffic? Sustain it!
    • 6.1 Be with your audience:
    • 6.2 Welcome your audience:
    • 6.3 Its feedback time!
  • 7 It’s never-ending!

Have you ever wondered how any website gets so many customers and visitors? How a website become famous when it is not marketed traditionally i.e. on television, internet ads etc. What it takes to become popular? These are the questions that need to be addressed.

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A person cannot become popular, if he doesn’t have any social interaction. People get to know about you when you socialize with them. The more a person shares his thoughts, views and feelings the more he gets famous. Even brands today use this tactic to be marketed with local public. But brands do have huge capital backing as well. What if anyone wants to start his business through a website and doesn’t have money? How he will start? This is what we will deal today!

It’s not just bippity boppity boo!

You cannot come with lots of visitors with just a wave of wand. Even if you do, the public will not remember you for long term time. You have to do critical analysis, lots of hard work and use some tactics. This perfect mixture will create something worthy traffic. Let’s give a quick view on these pointers. Critical analysis; that will help you to analyze your target audience, hard work for promoting your website and tactics means how to do all this in intelligent way. These can be jotted down as follows.

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Do you know your audience?

Do you actually know who your audience is? Where to find them? How to target them? These questions are backbone of your website! Analyze these questions very critically before moving forward.

Quick Guide to the basics;

  • Who: A website owner should have clear understanding of his audience either they are male or female, adults or teenagers etc. the more clear idea he has the more he can target them.
  • Where: Which platform does your audience uses; Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? What are timings they usually uses these platforms? Do they visit any website quite often? Which website is that?
  • How: are you selling products or experiences? Who are your competitors? What is your key competence?
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Great! Now you can move to next stage!

Knowing the website is necessary but to run is a difficult job and needs not only hard work but smart work. There are some vital tactics which can change the fate of a website in small span of time. If one knows his website and want to works smarter then he can win his audience within following tactics.

Tactics for website promotion!

1. What’s cooking?

You should know the new trends of the market should be aware of your competitor’s activities. In business if you know your competitor like best buddies only then you can win over him. If on a blogger’s website your competitor is producing article on dissertation help online you should know how and which ideas he has used before competing it.

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2. Hello! May I help you?

A website should always welcome guest post by influencers. Robert Melson wrote a fabulous article on UK dissertation help online, when he was given thorough information about target audiences who, where and how. People only help you when they have clear idea of your business.

3. Fabulous! You work great!

Give complements to your competitors! Sounds strange? Yes right but this is the cleverest tactic you can use. Visit their website, comment over their work, and complement them over good work but NEVER spam! Never directly advertise yourself but do it in a professional manner. Comment through your website link. Your consumers will be amazed by the generosity you have for your competitor which will drag them to your own website.

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4. Thank you for owning me!

Use the where’s of your target audience in your favors. Be a rising star in Facebook groups who influence number of followers. When people will hear well about you they will follow you blindly. If you are a blogging website throw a competition about dissertation topics and in return do Thesis dissertations help. Let the customer own you with heart and soul.

5. Are you smart enough?

Use the key words that are most searched. Find the titles, sources and hash tags that people usually use. Use them on your social media platforms. Create a trend for your hash tags. If you have good combination of keywords, social media trends and your product, you can generate traffic on your website.

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Hola! Welcome the traffic on your website!

These were some basic and very interesting tactics that one can follow to create brand awareness for your website. Website traffic is not the one day plan it needs months to build. But your work doesn’t ends here. There’s more work to your website.

Got the traffic? Sustain it!

Yes you have created traffic on your website but are you able to sustain it? Sustaining the traffic is yet a difficult task than creating it. There are some major pointers which one need to remember.

Be with your audience:

Always be updated about your traffic’s activities on your website. Be the prompt responder.

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Welcome your audience:

Welcome your audience with some gift hampers contest and positive activities. Allow guest bloggers and give them their due share of respect.

Its feedback time!

Connect! Connect! And Connect! with your audience through every possible means. Welcome their feedbacks, listen to their suggestions and solve their complaints. Be their loyal friend who always stands beside them.

It’s never-ending!

It’s not just once that you create traffic and you can take rest. There are number of website who become dead after enjoying a good live periods. One has to work continuously the above tactics to run a successful website.  Summing up! All you need to run a website are some initial information (who, where and how of audiences), some very creative tactics and some basic pointers to sustain it. If you master these tactics you can win your visitors hearts.

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