June 10, 2020

How to fix corrupted Hyper-v VHD files? 

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Corruption in VHD files puts their users in a situation facing the loss of crucial files and folders along with the boot files. So, here we came with this article discussing the VHD file and reasons for corruption. We will discuss how to fix the corrupt VHD Files using PowerShell commands locally on your system.

Before we move ahead let’s understand what is VHD File-

VHD file is a format used for Virtual Hard Disk Drive. It is the primary function of the backup system image. The data saved on the hard drive can also be stored in VHD. Despite these, it is easily prone to corruption due to which it can not be used on Virtual Machines. Now, let’s understand the reasons for corruption in VHD Files.

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Reasons for corruption in VHD Files: 

There are several reasons behind the corruption in VHD File, major reasons are discussed below:

  • Malicious Attack: It is the most common reason responsible for the corruption of the VHD file. If the system is attacked once, it destroys all the files on the machine along with the VHD files.
  • Failure of storage media: Failure of storage media, makes the files inaccessible, and it leads to corruption in the VHD file.
  • Sudden shutdown of System: Accidental or unintentional shutdown of the system leads to corruption in the hardware as well as software of your system
    And if the Virtual Machine is active at that instant then it damages the VHD file.
  • Paused state of Virtual Machines: If we fail to recognize the initial signs of Virtual machine failure or paused state of Virtual Machines, it leads to corrupt VHD files.
  • Due to human errors: Intentional or unintentional elimination of saved files, registry modification errors, force shutdown of the system, and improper disk management are major human errors that cause damage in VHD files.
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After discussing the reasons, let’s move towards the solution for repairing the corrupted VHD File.

How to repair VHD File Manually??

Several VHD repair methods are available that help you to restore corrupted virtual hard disks. Here, the Powershell are commands discussed to restore and repair the VHD files along with its description.

1.Command to scan an image for corruption

  • Command: Dism /Online /Clean-Image /CheckHealth
  • Description: This command scans the entire file to find out the corruption.
  1. Command for checking an image for corruption
  • Command: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
  • Description: This command finds whether the image file is damaged or not and also finds out whether it can be restored or not.
  1. Command for repairing and restoring from corruption:
  • Command: Dism /Online /Clean-Image /RestoreHealth
  • Description: This command directly repairs the damage if it finds.
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Consequences/Limitations of Manual methods:-

Manual method is the exhausting and tiresome approach and you also have to face its consequences:-

  • Takes a lot of time to restore the corrupted VHD files.
  • Sometimes, the Powershell commands fail to run.
  • You need to have the technical knowledge to execute the commands successfully.
  • You may have to face data alteration or loss.

These are the difficulties that you face during these manual methods. So it is always suggested by the professionals to use third-party tools or commercial tools to repair and restore corrupt VHD files.

Automated Methods to repair damaged VHD Files:-

Automated methods are a professional way to resolve issues quickly and safely. These tools are specifically designed and developed to repair damaged VHD files. One such tool available is the VHD Recovery Tool. This Recovery tool enables its user to restore and repair  FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+, and EXTX file systems of your VHD. The UI is created for both technical as well as non-technical users, so users from any background can swiftly use this software. It also serves its users with two distinct modes for scanning and three different modes for recovery.

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Final Words:-

Here, in this blog, we discussed how to repair VHD File with a manual approach i.e, with PowerShell commands. And Professional suggested tool is also discussed. Now, you can easily choose any of the solutions as per your requirements.

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