February 18, 2022

How To Fix The Amazon Fire Tablet Not Charging? 

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  • 1 Source Of The Issue
  • 2 Run Some Tests
    • 2.1 1. Test The Charging Outlet
    • 2.2 2. Test The Charger Cable
    • 2.3 3. Test The Adaptor
    • 2.4 4. Test The Charging Port
    • 2.5 5. Restart The Fire Tablet
    • 2.6 6. Do A Factory Reset On The Device
  • 3 A Dead Battery Is A Culprit
  • 4 How To Open Up The Fire Tablet  And Remove The Battery?
    • 4.1 Buy A New Battery
    • 4.2 How To Open The Device?
    • 4.3 How To Remove The Battery?
  • 5 Some Tips To Save The Charging Port From Rotting
    • 5.1 Quality Cables, Always.
    • 5.2 Don’t Use The Tablet While Charging
    • 5.3 Cleaning The Port Regularly
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The Amazon Fire Tablet is one of the inexpensive tablets available in the market for customers who are on a tight budget. But one complaint that everyone has been facing with this is that the fire tablet not charging. There’s some glitch in the design due to which users are facing this issue. Every tablet or electronic device out there runs only on battery power and when the battery gets low the devices shut down and honestly no one likes that.

All the users love the fire tablet but the time this device takes up to charge is something all the users are frustrated about. Every issue has a solution and even this has some. We are here to solve your issue regarding the fire tablet not charging.

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Here are a few guides which will help you with the not charging issue and you’ll also learn how to avoid letting your charging port from being ‘rotted’. Go on to know more about how to fix the Amazon Fire Tablet not charging issue:

Source Of The Issue

Fire Tablet Not Charging

Fire Tablet Not Charging

The issue of the fire tablet not charging might be due to four possible reasons. These four reasons are faulty software, a non-working battery or a dead battery, faulty charging cable or a ‘rotted’ charging port on the tablet. Issue may be with any of these above things but it is surely very frustrating on our part to keep on trying to charge the device.  Let’s know one by one how to address each source when fire tablet not charging.

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Run Some Tests

First things first we need to run some tests to ensure and find out the actual source. Run these tests to find out why you fire tablet not charging

1. Test The Charging Outlet

The power outlet where you are about to plug in the charger has to be checked. Check whether the outlet is supplying power. This is the first basic thing you should test. If it is supplying power then the issue is not with the outlet.

2. Test The Charger Cable

To test out whether the issue is with the cable or anything else we need to have a spare cable on hand. If you do not have one then borrow one from anyone as all the USB cables are same. Try charging your tablet with the new cable to check. If the fire tablet is charging then it is obvious the issue is with your cable. If the fire tablet is still not charging then the issue is something else.

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3. Test The Adaptor

The persisting problem might also be due to the faulty charging adaptor. To test out whether the issue with the adaptor you need to either find a power source or a computer where you can plug in your cable. Connect and check whether the fire tablet is charging or not. If the fire tablet not charging then the adaptor is not faulty.

One thing to be noted is that the chargers work on different voltages and amperages. Mostly the fire tablets work on 1.8 amps and 5 volts. Any adopter or chargers which are unable to supply that much power to the tablet may result in fire tablet not charging or slow charging.

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4. Test The Charging Port

Well, let me tell you a weak charging port is a culprit in most fire tablets. This issue has been noted by many users and they haven’t been able to solve this issue. The circuitry inside the fire tablet can sometimes become loose or even detach completely. This might become a reason for the fire tablet not charging.

There’s a simple way to check whether the port is loose or not. Connect the cable on to the port securely and then slowly move it when connected to the socket. Another thing you can do is lay down the fire tablet on the floor and connect the charger to secure the connection. This is a temporary solution but definitely does work for now. After this we know that the problem is with the charging port itself.

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5. Restart The Fire Tablet

Now we have dealt with all the hardware tests and if all of them are in order and working then the issue might possibly be related to the software. You can try resetting your fire tablet to ensure. Here’s how to reset your fire tablet:

  1. Press hold the power key for a few seconds to shut down the tablet.
  2. Switch it back on through the power button.

This way the voltage will also be reset within the device and all the running applications will be shut close forcibly. If any of this was causing the fire tablet to not charge then that will be solved.

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6. Do A Factory Reset On The Device

We know that doing a factory reset on any device means losing all the data on the device and setting up the whole device all over again. That’s why we would recommend you to do this only if none of the above solutions has worked. This might not even be the solution to your problem and you might lose all the data stored. But when nothing else is working we will have to try all the possible solutions, right?

Here’s how to do a factory reset on your fire tablet:

  1. If your fire tablet is still working, back up all of your data.
  2. Open the notification bar by swiping down on the home screen.
  3. Click on ‘Setting and Device’ options
  4. In the menu, click on ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’
  5. Confirm to ‘Reset’ the device
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Again reset or restart your device to install the device to the latest version of the software. After this try connecting the charger again. If it’s charging then the reset worked. If not then, unfortunately, the factory reset was kind of useless.

A Dead Battery Is A Culprit

If you tried all the above mentioned steps and still your fire tablet not charging then Boss, we have the culprit- a dead battery. We know that a dead battery is a clear visible source of the issue here. This means you will have to replace your battery within the fire tablet. Replacing a battery is not recommended by the experts per say but if you can’t afford to buy a new fire tablet right now then this can be a temporary solution for you. It might extend the life of the fire tablet for a few months or so.

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How To Open Up The Fire Tablet  And Remove The Battery?

“A word of caution” we would like to put in here is doing this is absolutely dangerous as it might end up bad and after you open the fire tablet by yourself the warranty on the product will be totally void.

This process is only for those people who know how to work with electronic devices. Make sure to use very minimum physical force while doing this and take your time while doing it. For the process, you’ll need a spudger or a prying tool, either of them is fine. You can also use a screwdriver but that will leave scratches on the devices so choose wisely.

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Buy A New Battery

If you want to use this approach and replace the battery all by yourself then first thing you have to do is buy a new battery. Officially there’s no such thing available because Amazon doesn’t sell over the counter batteries for Fire tablet. But there are several options available on Amazon where you can get one.

How To Open The Device?

  1. On the lower right corner on the backside of the device, you’ll find a crack between the front and the back of the device. Pry open the panel by working your tool on it.
  2. There will be clips on the inner side of the panel so be gentle while opening it. Hold it there and with your tool pull upon the clips. While doing so you’ll need to insert coins to hold the panel in place. Be very careful and don’t snap the internal part of the device by mistake.
  3. Once you are done with the clips the back case of the fire tablet might come off easily.
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How To Remove The Battery?

  1. The battery might be visible to you by now. Loosen the battery by breaking the glue holding the battery onto the device. Do not puncture the battery by mistake. Use your prying tool very carefully.
  2. Lift the battery slowly with your prying tool and remove it from the socket.
  3. After you have removed your old battery, place the new one inside the device.
  4. You can just paste the battery back with the help of an electrical tape or you can re-glue it into the device.
  5. Reattach the back case of the fire tablet by pressing onto the clips.
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And Tada! We are done with replacing the new battery through a DIY approach.

Some Tips To Save The Charging Port From Rotting

We found out why the fire tablet not charging. Alongside let’s know what else we can do to safeguard the delicate charging port from rotting. Because the port is very vulnerable to mechanical stress and here’s what you should take care of

Quality Cables, Always.

Remember this point in case of any device, always use quality cables. There are several low priced, cheap quality cables out there. They can cause damage to your port. Use good quality cables which are marginally good priced not necessarily the expensive ones.

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Don’t Use The Tablet While Charging

One important point you should keep in mind is to never use the fire tablet while it is charging. You already know that the port of fire tablet is a delicate one so why test it by putting mechanical stress? We never use the tablet just like that; we either use the cables for the support or pull the charger while playing games and such. So to be on the safer side, whenever you are charging the fire tablet, just keep it aside.

Cleaning The Port Regularly

Often the chargers and the port catch lint, dust and other stuff. Users never clean the port. This can clog up the charging port. Ensure that you keep on blowing air or wipe out the port regularly to maintain the port.

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You can easily prolong your battery life now with these few tips. These are a few things you can do and also avoid when your fire tablet not charging.

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