September 23, 2021

How To Make Your Blog Site Look Attractive? 

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Are you looking for the few missing pieces that could make your blog site completely attractive? If your efforts, time, and resources invested into your blog site are not giving the expected traffic results, you need to make it more attractive and appealing to the viewers and readers. There could be several reasons behind your blog site becoming unappealing.


  • 1 1. Headers
  • 2 2. Images
  • 3 3. Lively Content
  • 4 4. List Posts
  • 5 Ending Note

However, you can make your blog site attractive by following a few simple tricks without any need to begin from scratch. For instance, images added to every blog context and sub paras attract readers more. So, if you add free stock images for every subheading, your blogs will become more appealing on the site.

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There are a few other ways by which you can make your blog site appealing to a whole new level. So, read till the end.

1. Headers

If your blog consists of a lot of text and fluff, your readers will get bored and overwhelmed and leave your blog site. You can resolve such an issue using headers. For different sections in your blog site, use headers or titles to break your complicated blog for easy understanding and reading of the audience. These headers can be of different forms. Blog posts, new pages, and sidebars can use headers to make the content identifiable to readers looking for explicit content.

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2. Images

The visual aspect of the blog site plays a key role in making it attractive and appealing. Apart from your blogs in the blog site being readable, they should also be visually appealing. So, break your text content with the help of free stock images or the ones with extremely low prices. You can even use your own clicked photographs for the blog site. However, the basic motto is adding color, highlights, and interest to your blog site. You have to add images while ensuring their connection with the blog’s body content. Using pretty, aesthetic, funny, and interesting images is always the best choice for captivating the reader’s attention.

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3. Lively Content

Apart from the content mechanics, there is content within the content. Ask yourself whether your blog site has funny, helpful, persuasive, or insightful blog posts or not? Ensure to transform your blog site into something where the audience visits to read for pleasure. You need to create content with great quality in unique ways to make your blogs stand out and outrun the competitors. You must ensure a signature part of your blog site no matter if your writing style and strength are motivational or sarcastic.

4. List Posts

List posts are a great way to make your blog site’s content more appealing to search engines and readers. List posts are highly attractive to readers as they easily scan the content and read only the portions that apply to them. This helps to increase blog site traffic, and lists inform the readers how long a post will be.

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Ending Note

So, from this precise short guide, you must have understood that making your blog site attractive is not a time-consuming or hectic task. You can simply follow these few points mentioned above to make your blog site more appealing with a content flow.

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