November 9, 2019

How to Remove Redundant Files in Mac? 

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  • 1 Empty the Cache Files
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  • 3 Use Best Mac Cleaner Software
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If your Mac has started malfunctioning in recent days, then it’s time to check and delete redundant files on your system. Your system stores a lot of junk files over time in the form of cache files, log files, duplicate files, temporary files, and more.

When these junk files accumulate in large numbers of your Mac, it starts affecting system performance negatively. It not only occupies valuable disk space, but it also makes your system slow. While Mac offers built-in features & utilities to help you with this junk on your system, you can also try third-party best Mac cleaner software for instant results.

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Let’s discuss how to remove redundant files in Mac to boost its performance.

Empty the Cache Files

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Cache files on your system are temporary files that help boost up the processes. For example, browser cache will cache web pages that you visit and helps you download them faster next time you visit this website again. Though this is a useful feature, over time there accumulates lots of these cache files unnecessarily on your system. It not only occupies valuable system resources, but it also makes your system run slow. Thus, it is suggested you should get rid of this junk. To empty cache files, follow below mentioned steps.

  • On Finder window head to “Go to folder” in the Go menu.
  • Here, type ~/Library/Caches and press Enter key to proceed to this folder.
  • Now you need to open each folder to check and clean out everything inside it. Here, we suggest you should clean everything from inside the folder, not the folder itself.
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Now, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps, by substituting:

~/Library/Caches with /Library/Caches

Now that you have emptied cache files from your Mac, you also need to ensure that you empty Trash on your system. To do this, Control-click on the Trash icon and choose Empty Trash option.

Restart your Mac to fresh start your system.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps & Programs

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Next best Mac storage cleaner function is to uninstall unnecessary apps & programs. It will help you recover GBs of disk space and speed up Mac significantly. To uninstall unused apps & programs manually follow below mentioned steps.

  • Go to Finder < Application folder.
  • Here, sift through all the apps & programs to select ones that you want to uninstall.
  • Once selected, simply right-click on it click on Move to Trash option. Alternatively, you can also drag-and-drop the application to Trash folder.
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Once you move app to Trash don’t forget to empty the Trash as well. To do this, right-click on the Trash icon and select Empty Trash.

Use Best Mac Cleaner Software

Now that you have tried manual steps to clean junk on your system, next is to try top Mac cleaner software for instant solution. These smart tools work automatically to help you clean all junk to speed up Mac performance. While there are a lot of these tools available, here we have tested and reviewed 3 best Mac cleaner software for you.

#1 Smart Mac Care

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Smart Mac Care is one of the best Mac cleaner & optimization tools that helps you keep your Mac in good health while protecting it from cyber threats as well. This all-in-one tool is designed to provide seamless user experience working on advanced algorithms. It offers 3 unique cleaning features to provide overall cleaning and protection.

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Features of Smart Mac Care

  • It offers malware scan module to helps you find & remove all infections. You can use this tool to remove malware, spyware, and all virus threats that could affect your data privacy negatively.
  • Its junk scan module deep scans your system storage to find & clean all junk files effectively. Here, it helps you clean log files, cache files, trash items, temporary files, and more.
  • It cleans browser history, cache, and cookies to keep your online privacy intact.

#2 Disk Clean Pro

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Disk Clean Pro is next best Mac cleaner software that helps you remove all junk effectively. It helps you manage, analyze, and clean all redundant and junk files that occupy valuable disk space. This powerful tool offers comprehensive cleaning & security features to keep your system health intact.

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Features of Disk Clean Pro

  • It offers 4 specialized cleaning tools to clean junk files, log files, old downloads, and partial downloads.
  • It works as a duplicate cleaner and helps you find & clean all duplicate files on your Mac.
  • It helps you keep your Internet privacy intact by cleaning out browser history and more.

#3 CCleaner for Mac

svg%3E - How to Remove Redundant Files in Mac?


CCleaner for Mac is number one tool to clean junk and speed up your Mac significantly. It keeps you security & privacy intact with various useful features. You can use this powerful tool to attain maximum performance on your system by reducing malware threats. It helps you find & clean all types of junk for effective performance.

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Features of CCleaner for Mac

  • Its junk clean module helps you remove temporary files, uninstalled programs, clean Trash items, and other junk effectively.
  • It erases your browser search history to keep you protected from spying.
  • It offers full customization features to offer a seamless user experience.

So, this was a quick review of how to remove redundant files on your Mac. Do try these steps and share your experience in the comments below.

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