February 15, 2022

How to Speed Up the Researches in Genetics 


  • 1 Examples of the latest biotech studies
  • 2 Cooperation of IT and HealthCare Science Experts

In genetics and drug studies, a huge number of questions and hypotheses are not obvious. And the mutual influence of DNA, unfortunately, has not yet been broken through.

Many kinds of research about early diagnosis and different disease treatments continue to these days. Among them, myopathy, various internal disorders, and organ diseases. The medicine can be effective and dangerous at the same time. The resonance is great, as are the risks. The biotech experts from different countries are trying to open roads towards further development in these areas. The special attention is paid to the detailed survey of all side effects.

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The scientists are working with such issues as identifying the ratio of the subject’s body weight to the primary weight of the administered drug, as well as the time required for the first results to be visible. It was noted that the drug can also affect life expectancy, inflammation, vascular and other diseases and cancer.

To speed up the predictions and provide better understanding of the correlations, statistical analysis and ML modeling can be used. In close cooperation between biotech scientists, IT engineers, and ML experts, the recognition of genome structures and the consequences of different drug treatments can be predicted  to solve and eliminate problems with the spread of diseases. And yet the problem is still in the process of being studied, as some areas have limitations.

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Researches in Genetics

Researches in Genetics

Examples of the latest biotech studies

Obesity is a problem of all mankind, the neglect of which leads to diabetes, liver problems and many other side diseases.

So, GDF15 is one of the research targets, which, when increased, contributes to a decrease in body weight, and its suppression, in turn, leads to an increase. The stress reactant is secreted into the bloodstream in the body, responding to irritation in the form of processes of onset and duration of illness.

Camptothecin is a compound created by an inhibitor of DNA repair enzymes. When searching for drugs that would increase the production of GDF15, it was found that camptothecin, when exposed to the cell, increases the level of work of the studied. The researchers note that when testing the drug in action, side effects were noticed.

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When searching for this drug, attention was drawn to the so-called compound map (CMAP) – this is a kind of database that includes all the expression profiles and unique actions of genes in a human cell, which in one way or another reacts to a drug that penetrates into the body.

Further, some studies were carried out, the result of which showed that ingestion of 1 mg / kg of body weight camptothecin leads to an increase in GDF15, due to which desire and food intake (hunger) decreased by more than 10%. Studies were conducted on mice with dietary obesity.

It is worth noting that similar work done does not make sense in non-obese mice. Basically, weight loss, specifically fat, contributed to this treatment.

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The relatively low level of GDF15 production inherent in lean mice is not a sufficient factor to reduce the weight of the latter, which was shown in the studies described.

The liver plays an important role in this cycle.

This is because the treatment of obesity in subjects led to further benefits, among which was protection against disease in the liver region. This has also been suggested by researchers.

The preventive actions of GDF15 antibodies paved the way for reducing the risk of obesity and its complete cessation if the body is already sick.

Various methods were used, including screening, which showed that the US National Cancer Institute was also involved in the research and even revealed some results and features.

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The use of this system of treatment in humans is more difficult than in animals, since the dose applied to mice, when exposed to humans, will be one-thirtieth of the lowest dose taken. Also, as experiments have shown, the accepted and basic mechanism is in no way connected with counteracting cancer diseases.

 The scientists hope that medicine will not stop and this drug will be subjected to further strength tests, and perhaps easier ways of treatment will be shown. The system itself is a mechanism created by the benefits of CPT. That is, a separate unique substance, taken as one unit, does not make any sense in treatment. The basis that the biotech experts have identified is a springboard from which it is worth starting further.

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They noted that CRT is an inducer of GDF15, which means that it contributes to the suppression of hunger with the result of recovery from obesity (weight loss).

Cooperation of IT and HealthCare Science Experts

For the future development of healthcare, this is an excellent and fruitful start, allowing healthcare industries to emerge from the big data and ML modeling, gaining the results quicker and dismissing the non-working theories based on the AI calculated results. ML technologies are taken a strong part in spreading the light to the correlation, which were not obvious before.

The approach defined and developed by the researchers they call “illustration”, this is due to the fact that there cannot be the best picture showing all the privileges, functions, systems and formulas. A kind of visualization of the drug, through the project, of course, with different branches and negative conclusions.After the latter was proven, the researchers speculated that all tumor-targeting drugs could exist as indicators for the mechanism under study. But anti-cancer devices, in turn, are not able to induce.

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 The bottom line is that CPT as an inducer for GDF15 is an independent drug for the treatment of obesity in various organisms.

It helps to reduce fat mass by eliminating hunger, or reducing it. Also, it may have benefits that will further relieve the body of the risk of diseases of the liver, blood vessels and many other organs and parts of the body.

Even taking into account the fact that some studies have not been brought to the result, or did not turn out very well, the conclusion is formed. GDF15 is a breakthrough in the field of research in the most complex medicine, mainly working to treat people from severe and previously incurable diseases.

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