December 3, 2021

Know More About Your Car Tyres 

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You are aware that tyres are an essential component of your car without which you would be unable to go. But, there’s much more out of this part of your car than you could think.

Different Tread Patterns

Rib-shaped: reduces rolling resistance, resulting in significant fuel savings. Because it produces minimal heat compared to other tread types, it’s ideal for long periods of high-speed driving. Buy Tyres Harlow at an affordable price.

Lug-shaped: This is a sequence of grooves that run perpendicular to the circumference of the tyre. This tread pattern is utilised on tyres that demand more traction as well as more strength when travelling and braking.

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Rib-Lug Shaped: a hybrid of rib and lug patterns. A rib in the middle provides directional stability, while a side lug provides excellent braking and driving ability. It may be used on both regular and gravel roads. Trucks and buses typically have on both the front and back wheels with this type of tyre.

Block-shaped: These are designs that feature individual blocks divided by a network of interconnecting grooves all along with the tread. The capability to operate efficiently in snow and rain is the key advantage of these tyres which makes them excellent off-road and winter tyres. They can also be used as all-season passenger vehicle tyres. On muddy, wet, and snowy roads, the handling and stability are excellent. Because of the various grooves, the water dispersing qualities are also excellent.

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Asymmetric Tread Pattern: A tyre having an asymmetric tread pattern has two distinct tread designs, one on the inside half the other on the outside half. Although it appears strange, each half serves a separate purpose. The interior tyre tread is in charge of water removal and aquaplaning prevention. The outside tyre tread contains robust tread blocks providing increased lateral rigidity and reduced inner noise while cornering or driving over dry terrain. Asymmetrical tyres are extremely suitable for installation on ultra-high-performance vehicles because of this blend of qualities.

Symmetric Tread Pattern: These are fairly common and have tread blocks and ribs across the tread surface, with a similar pattern on both sections of a tyre. The symmetrical tread pattern tyre could be used in all four places of a vehicle.

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Directional Tread Pattern: A directional tread pattern contains v-shaped tread blocks and also is built to move in a single direction. These designs are effective at expelling water and also offer a nice grip when wet. A directional tread pattern could be installed in all four places of an automobile, but it should be installed in the appropriate rotational direction.

Importance Of Tyre Air Pressure

The air inside a tyre creates pressure, which serves several important roles to ensure the tyres are running safely and smoothly. This air pressure ensures that each component of a tyre could do its function properly. However, the air pressure must be maintained at a rate that not just maintains the tyre’s structural strength, but also allows the materials inside the tyre aid to deliver a smoother driving experience over rough areas.

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That is why it is critical to maintain the proper air pressure inside a tyre: too much tyre air pressure elevates the tyre a little off the road surface, reducing the level of grip obtainable; insufficient air pressure can cause the tyre’s centre to droop below the weight it must support, preventing the tyre from gripping or stopping the vehicle as efficiently as intended.

Tyre-related Issues

To extend the lifespan and wear of tyres, they need to be maintained. Overinflated tyres wear too much in the middle of the tread, whereas underinflated tyres wear around the outer of the tread. Tyres that are not properly aligned wear irregularly, particularly on the inner and exterior. If you drive over sharp things, worn regions are more likely to grab sharp objects and otherwise acquire holes in them.

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Whenever a tyre is flat, it might not be possible to fix it since it is severely worn. To make the repairs, you’ll need a particular level of tread. An additional issue is if a tyre’s steel belt fails. It can no longer be repaired and will have to be replaced. Replace your tyres with Hankook Tyres Harlow for better handling and control.

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