March 19, 2020

Managed DigitalOcean Cloud – Where To Get It? 


  • 1 Why Choose Managed Cloud Hosting?
    • 1.1 Unmanaged Cloud
    • 1.2 Managed Cloud
  • 2 How MilesWeb Helps to Make Your DigitalOcean Journey Successful?
    • 2.1 1) Optimization
    • 2.2 2) System Monitoring
    • 2.3 3) Security
    • 2.4 4) Regular Updates
    • 2.5 5) Expert Advice
  • 3 Conclusion

Cloud hosting has been in very much demand lately, due to its advanced hosting features. DigitalOcean is considered as one of the best and highly suggested cloud hosting platform.

But, there are many people who are confused about where they can get a DigitalOcean service. You might think, that you can easily buy it from the company, but a professional cloud user knows it is better to buy the cloud services from their partners. This is because the direct providers don’t give you technical support and other services with it.

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Whereas, their partners like MilesWeb always stands for customers. The sole purpose of cloud providers is to just sell or offer cloud hosting to customers and they don’t look after their issues unless it is very complicated to solve.

That’s why, these merchants have nominated some trusted cloud hosting partners for them, and DigitalOcean refers to one such name as MilesWeb.

MilesWeb allows you to choose any one option, either you can buy a cloud hosting directly from DigitalOcean and give the maintenance work to MilesWeb. Or else, buy managed DigitalOcean cloud from MilesWeb and let them take care of everything. The choice is all yours.

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Why Choose Managed Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is normally considered by medium or large size businesses and websites that get thousands of visitors on a daily basis. Daily transactions can also be passed on these websites where user’s confidential information gets shared.

Now, information like name, address, identity number, bank details, etc are very sensitive and need to handle with extra care. So, when you manage your primary business, it gets difficult to handle all such things.

One solution to this could be hiring a security team, but this may not be a feasible option as it requires you to spend a lot of money. Thus, it is better to go with the second option, which is to go with the managed cloud hosting provider. These providers not only offer you hosting services but also manages all your data.

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Now the days are gone, when you need to manage everything right from hosting to look after its services.

In such a case, you had to undertake several operations like data monitoring, the performance of site, optimizations, look after security, etc.

But, now with managed cloud hosting like cheap VPS,  these tasks get eliminated.

With the new way of cloud hosting, MilesWeb takes the responsibility of complete server management so that users don’t have to worry anything about the hosting related issues.

Let’s see the difference between unmanaged and managed DigitalOcean cloud:

Unmanaged Cloud

  • To handle an unmanaged cloud, a user needs sound technical knowledge about the command line and servers.
  • In the unmanaged cloud, it is the user’s responsibility to configure and perform initial setup tasks. Also, later the sever management is looked after by them.
  • In case of technical issues, users need to troubleshoot them on their own. No support is provided.
  • The server monitoring task has to be done manually.
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Managed Cloud

  • In the managed cloud, a technical expert manages your complete server.
  • The system admin looks after all the configuration and management of the cloud server.
  • In case of any technical emergency, technical assistance is provided, who troubleshoots all the problems.
  • In managed cloud technical experts takes care of the server monitoring tasks.

How MilesWeb Helps to Make Your DigitalOcean Journey Successful?

1) Optimization

The technical team optimizes and manages cloud servers in order to provide your website with better performance.

2) System Monitoring

The team monitors your DigitalOcean resources such as CPU and bandwidth on a regular basis, this makes them understand the variations on your website’s traffic. This helps them to keep the site secure from crashing down to due to sudden traffic spikes and also, let’s you know which resource is getting consumed more or less.

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3) Security

Security is the highest in cloud hosting. The technical team from MilesWeb keeps a close eye watching on server vulnerability in order to keep your website out of the reach of hackers. This also protects the website from other malware, viruses, and unwanted traffic patterns.

4) Regular Updates

All cloud hosting comes with pre-installed timely updates that keep the server’s software up to date. This keeps you worry-free from downloading and installing any updates manually.

5) Expert Advice

The company provides special cloud experts that guide you through the selection of an appropriate cloud plan based on the website’s requirement.

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It is always beneficial to choose managed DigitalOcean cloud over unmanaged options, as it provides all the necessary features with it. MilesWeb is a trusted DigitalOcean partner, that looks after all the cloud hosting work regardless of the type and size of your business. They provide 24/7 support with 99.95% uptime and 30 days money-back guarantee.

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