December 20, 2021

Managing Holiday Rentals Remotely 


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Renting out your properties for vacation keeps growing more and more popular over the years. However, one worry about the vacation rental business is running and managing your property, especially if you don’t stay nearby. How do you ensure your guests experience a 5-star experience without you being physically there? The answer is to manage your properties remotely!

Tips to Manage Your Vacation Rentals Remotely

If you are in a location far from your rental property or unable to dedicate yourself to managing your properties full time, then it’s best to manage your properties remotely.

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There are different ways to manage your properties remotely. You can hire a third party to manage your property or self-manage using an Airbnb channel manager.

Whatever option you go for, the following tips will help you successfully manage your vacation homes remotely.

  • Invest In a Vacation Software Manager

This is one of the best methods to manage your vacation homes, especially if you have more than one property. With vacation rental management software, you can stay organized, monitor your property, and carry out many tasks from anywhere in the world.

The best part about rental software is that they offer a wide array of features. You can list your properties, accept bookings, receive payment, and automate guest communication. It’s a one-stop solution to your property management needs.

  • Add a Security Home System 
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Another smart way to manage your home remotely is to equip it with home automation systems. Tech products like security cameras, smart locks, smoke detectors, noiseaware, and thermostats make it convenient to monitor your home remotely. These security home systems give added protection to your home and alert you if there is a problem on your rental property.

  • Automated Check-In and Out

If you can’t be physically present to receive your guests, you should invest in the automated check-in and out concept. Some automated check in and out tools include electronic locks, smart locks, and Wi-Fi locks so guests can check-in or out without you being present.

  • Connect With Quality Contractors
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As a property owner, you should make a list of home maintenance contractors in your area and contact them. This may include a cleaner, plumber, electrician, gardener, or handyman. Connect with them, explain that you can’t be physically available, and ask them to be your go-to person if your property needs quick fixes. This way, when there is a leak, faulty lighting, or an emergency, they will be available to resolve it quickly.

  • Market Your Rentals on Different Channels

Managing your rentals also involves marketing them to expand your visibility to attract new customers. Set up different marketing platforms/channels, including social media or an SEO website, to connect with potential customers and receive bookings easily. You can also leave the task to a property manager if you cannot handle it yourself.

  • Use a Property Management Company
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There are different companies and agencies that focus on helping homeowners manage their properties. A good property management company will keep your listing up to date, help with maintenance, receive bookings, welcome guests, and conduct other management tasks.


With all the tools and resources now available, It really is not compulsory to be there to run your vacation homes. Managing your rentals remotely helps you work from anywhere in the world, minimizes the risk of COVID-19 while taking your vacation rental business to the next level. Simply substitute with the tips above to help manage your properties remotely.

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