February 28, 2022

Marketing Tips from a B2B Web Design Agency 

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  • 1 Create a Strong Digital Presence
  • 2 Work with a Professional Copywriter
  • 3 Craft Content for Your Target Buyers

When marketing your business or brand, it can be tough to know where to start or where to focus your energy for the biggest ROI. Here, we share tried and true marketing tips from a B2B web design agency.

Create a Strong Digital Presence

Even before the pandemic, a strong digital presence was crucial for any B2B brand. Even if the majority of your leads come from referrals or networking, a strong digital presence goes a long way to building your firm’s credibility and creating a strong first impression with prospects. Think about it, even the small plant store down the street from you has a digital presence – shouldn’t your B2B firm?

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A strong digital presence for a B2B brand centers around a polished website design. Your website is the hub for all your digital activity and is often the landing point for social media posts, email campaigns, and online advertisements. It’s also often the central point for any non-digital marketing campaigns, like print mailers or brochures. When crafting your website, be sure to enlist the help of an experienced B2B web design agency to ensure it follows best practices and is designed for a great user experience.

Work with a Professional Copywriter

Copywriting is an underappreciated skill and is not something everyone can do. Even if you are in a highly technical industry, it’s best to pair up your subject matter experts with an experience copywriter for your marketing campaigns. Why? Because a skilled copywriter takes the most complicated of content and massages it so that your target market can understand and relate to it.

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Copywriters are also able to help you identify and expound upon the key points that interest your audience. While you may want to focus on features and functionality, the copywriter can help you communicate the benefits to the end user. It’s helpful if the copywriter has a general knowledge of or experience with your particular industry, but it’s not crucial. Your people are the experts and the copywriter is the expert communicator.

Craft Content for Your Target Buyers

Even if there is one single decision maker in your target market, it’s rare to have that person be the only stakeholder in the buying process. Often, in B2B industries, the decision maker is actually guided in the process by multiple team members or employees who are key stakeholders in the product or service they are looking to purchase. For this reason, it’s crucial that every B2B marketing strategy incorporates content creation for ALL of your target buyers. For example, the CFO may be the one making the final call on whether to purchase a particular account software, but the CFO likely isn’t doing the research and vetting software providers. The day-to-day users are likely vetting the software, taking demos, doing trial runs, and then reporting back what works and doesn’t work to the CFO.

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Successful B2B marketers craft content for all those stakeholders involved in the buying process, from technical engineers to executive level leadership. Identify what content resonates with each buyer persona and craft articles, guides, case studies, and blog posts for each user. A B2B web design agency can help you create these buyer personas, craft the content, and set up the content on your website.

B2B marketing doesn’t have to be chasing shiny objects – although you shouldn’t rule out new methods or channels. Rather, it should be serving up an experience and content that your target audience will enjoy and positions your firm as a credible resource or potential partner.

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