April 12, 2021

Maximize Your Social Presence on Instagram – The Best Apps to Use 

Instagram is a popular social media platform and has more than 500 million users using this platform. Today, it has become a popular social media site for the engagements and business. Instagram comes with its in-built functionalities. Hence, you can go ahead with a few additional apps to boost your engagement. It would help your Instagram journey and provide you a competitive edge than others.

Do you want to increase your social media presence? Do you also want to move to your next level phase on Instagram? If yes, you can opt-in for some of the leading Instagram apps that would help to boost your social presence in 2021.

  1. Flickr
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The app got issued as a web-oriented photo-sharing website, almost six years before Instagram came into existence. It got designed as a favorite domain for the photographers. It comes with a photo library where the professional and amateur photographers are able to upload high-end images. They can also edit, organize and share it with others. They can store the images as well. Flickr is a smart tool for arranging images and it comes with a feature where family and friends can add notes, comments and tags to the images.

If you are interested in photography, Flickr is good to use. The app is comprised of a smaller community. Therefore, it’s a useful tool to connect with others through comments and email and expand your social media presence.

  1. Imagur
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It is a popular app for hosting memes, funny viral images, and GIFs. You can add a little bit of fun and humor to your social media presence by sharing videos, GIFs and funny images on Imagur. It is also a good app for searching and checking out the best GIFs and latest memes. You can also check out photo captions. The users can collate their best videos and images in their choicest folders. Also, the Imagur users can look for funny content through various categories. Using this tool, you can come across great GIFs and memes by searching for art, music, movies and more.

  1. Retrica
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Retrica is a popular camera app. The users here can upload videos and images and share it with others. The app comes with several features such as real-time effects, 180 photo filters, collages and GIFs. The app also comes with doodles, stickers and stamps to add more spark to your images. You can use Retrica to create stunning images and there are other features to inspire you.

  1. Hipstamatic

This app is easy to use! You can take a picture and relax as the app applies vintage filters on the images. It will seem that you have clicked the images from a vintage film camera. The app also provides analog controls that enables you to manually adjust the focus, shutter speed, aspect ratio and exposure. You have all the settings of your film camera with you.

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That is not all! The Hipstamatic app also provides several lenses for compact and total creative control. The users can use different lenses to experience such as pinhole and fisheye. Users can also save the best effects for easy and quick use. However, there’s just one limitation. This app isn’t free and is it available for iPhone users only.

  1. Yummi

Do you love to take a snap of your best platters? If yes, Yummi is the app for you. It operates as an interactive food journal. Here the users can document all their food journeys and also follow other fellow foodies. For every uploaded image, you can make use of a location that generates a compact list of the places where you ate. The users can also create a documentary of their home cooked platters and keep a track of when and what they ate. You can get associated with other foodies and get suggestions on recipes as well.

  1. VSCO
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Much like Instagram, the VSCO users can take videos and images, upload them and also edit the content with editing tools and filters. You can use ten presets here for free. The app also provides 200 presets for better photo editing, but you need to pay a membership fee for that. However, the free editing tools enable customized management of the images.

Some of the photo adjustments that the app offers are contrast, tint and sharpening. The app also allows you video editing. Hence, the users can ensure their videos appear the same by using the presets and other editing tools. The VSCO filters often get uploaded on Instagram with the VSCO hashtag which can enhance your social media presence.

  1. Dribble
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It is a popular community app for the creatives. Its curated feed highlights the leading names in designers from various parts of the world. Both creatives and designers can share their creations, view job listings, discover new designers and also get hired. Dribble also has a feature that allows you to 3D GIFs.

Enhancing your social media presence helps in your branding. These are a few apps that will help you in accomplishing your objective.

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