March 12, 2022

MetaFront Token is revolutionizing the metaverse and gaming industry, crypto that will explode in 2022! 

The Revolution of crypto and blockchain isn’t yet complete. In gaming, for instance, Metaverse is not yet fully adapted. As the metaverse concept is starting to incorporate Web3 technology enabled through blockchain technology the future metaverse would be something similar to our real world in many aspects and even replace some real-world activities (like working through virtual metaverse platform, hanging out with friends, playing multiplayer games and so on).



Already some metaverse NFT vendors have enabled their NFTs to be usable in some metaverse games such as clothing and footwear and more are planning to do the same.
An increasing number of NFT enthusiasts are also sensing opportunities to invest in virtual lands on such games and sell or rent them for a price. People with no actual interest in the metaverse, but who look at them as a financially yielding domain could invest inequities of the firms working on the concept.

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What if I were to tell you that MetaFront will be a game about space exploration in virtual reality and with unmatching graphics, what if I were to tell you that is not all, they are also planning to interconnect all metaverses into their platform so every NFT in every metaverse till the date will be tradeable on their platform and other metaverses available to play through their blockchain-enabled platform?
Yes, that is exactly the plan of MetaFront token. They will start with a game about space exploration that will be connected directly to NASA and give you real-world data in real-time. How cool is that?

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Earlier this week MetaFront has confirmed that the private presale has been a success. Because NDA agreement they can’t disclose all the new partners, but some of the reputable partners will be IBA, Everse Capital, Lotus Capital, and Tioga Capital.
Investors are all over the world so we are pleased that we did a good marketing campaign and good presentations that gave us unique results.
These partners are with us long-term and will help us to raise the bar for public presale and also go with better prices on public exchanges.

CEO and leader of the MetaFront Token team said:
„Some of our partners are already in negotiation with Kucoin and Binance crypto exchanges, and possibly we will be listed there before that we planned.“

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„We are very grateful that our project is so transparent and that our big investors realized what potential we have with our idea, and how we planned to realize it“

„It will be a lot of work but we can’t wait to dive in even more after we go on public exchange“

For most recent Information check out Metafront twitter page.

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