May 2, 2020

Mobile office in your pocket: apps for working with documents on a smartphone 

Working with office documents is not just about printing text files or making tables. Often when you are out of the office, you need to sign the document, scan it, and protect it with a watermark. Many useful applications have been developed that are suitable for these purposes. Read more on freeappsforme.

For text documents, tables, and presentations: Microsoft Office Suite

The mobile version of the office software application package includes five products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. Each of them is installed on the smartphone separately. This is quite convenient — you don’t have to take up extra memory if you don’t need an application.

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Among the advantages, first of all, it is worth noting the ability to sync your documents with your office or home computer, work on them in a group, and store them in the cloud. The user-friendly, familiar interface is also important. It is also possible to convert PDF files to the required format.

The basic features of MS Office mobile applications can be used for free if the device screen is less than 10.1″. If you need to work with charts, objects SmartArt, with Constructor in PowerPoint, you will have to get a paid subscription to the software.

Of course, there are other analogs of MS Office, which are also worthy of attention. So the choice of office suite depends on user preferences. For example, owners of Android smartphones may find it more convenient to use Google Documents applications.

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PDF Signature: Adobe Fill & Sign and standard tools

Perhaps Adobe Fill & Sign is the most popular utility to quickly add your signature to a document. To do this, you need to create a digital copy of your signature by signing right on the device screen. When you open the file in PDF, all you need to do is select the desired signature (if there are several) and drag it to the appropriate place.

By the way, this application can put not only signatures. With its help, you can enter text into empty fields in blanks or make some marks in the file. If necessary, you scan the document with a smartphone camera.

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Opportunities for iOS devices

However, not everyone knows that iOS has a standard tool for signing documents – Markup. To use it, click on the pencil icon in a file opened in a program that supports this tool. This is possible in Adobe Acrobat, Notes, Mail, iBooks, a photo album, and even Safari, if you save the page in PDF beforehand.

Markup offers you either to sign by hand or choose from the menu what you want to add — text, saved signature, and so on. Signing a document is also often offered in the office suite, for example, in Microsoft Word.

If you need to insert a company seal in a document, you can also use the text editor and the Insert picture function. The seal itself will need to be saved in the smartphone’s memory in PNG format with a transparent background. This will be the easiest solution to the problem, which does not require the use of third-party software.

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Document scanning: standard tools and Tiny Scanner

Why should we scan a document using a smartphone? After all, we can just take a picture of it. However, there is a difference. When scanning, glare is eliminated, unnecessary distortion and “waves” are smoothed out on the sheet, edges are trimmed, brightness is adjusted. In General, the document becomes better readable and more presentable.

On iOS, the easiest and fastest way to scan pages is to use the Notes app. To do this, create a new note, click the “+” button, select “Scan documents” and point the camera at the sheet.

In addition to the standard scanner, which does not have a lot of features, you can use one of the many special scanning programs. They usually have additional functions for editing the received document. For example, Tiny Scanner. The app has a version for iOS and Android. It works without failures with black-and-white and color documents, scanning in three modes (color, black-and-white and gray). The app also allows you to change the contrast so that the copy is as clear as possible. The result is saved as PDF or JPG. You can send the scanned document directly from the app via e-mail or upload it to the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, and others).

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The program’s advantages include the ability to choose the size of the result page, password protection of the document, and creating thumbnails for documents for quick viewing.

Applying a watermark or logo: Add Watermark, iWatermark, and standard tools

For Android devices

Sometimes you need to quickly protect images by adding a watermark or logo to them. Previously, this required a PC and Adobe Photoshop. However, now there are a lot of applications that are created specifically for applying a watermark on a photo. Moreover, even the basic photo editor on Android smartphones already supports the function of adding a watermark to the photo.

The Add Watermark app is perfect for this operating system. You can use it to add labels and logos to the photo. Moreover, watermarks can be customized: change the size, tilt, transparency, etc. Besides, it is convenient to process photos in a batch immediately or activate the auto-mode for adding a watermark.

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In the free version of Add Watermark, you can try the program and see what the process will look like. It does not allow you to use your images as a watermark and saves all files with compression up to 1024 pixels. on the larger side. There is no auto mode and batch processing.

The paid version allows batch processing and an automatic mode, selecting effects for text, importing your fonts, and using your images, including PNG format. As well as working with panoramas and exporting finished content to social networks.

For Apple gadgets

As for iOS, the most popular program for this system is iWatermark.It is respected for its huge capabilities in creating signs, up to adding a QR code, as well as for its simple interface. The application adjusts transparency, font, size, tilt, and other logo parameters. There are several examples of text and graphics, which can be used for your watermark. The result of work in the program can be immediately exported to the social network.

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iWatermark is a professional but simple and intuitive tool for creating watermarks. The free Lite version adds its watermark to all photos. To remove it, you need to purchase a paid subscription.

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