December 27, 2017

Other ways of earning bitcoins. – Non-traditional ways 

Everyone craves for earning without putting many efforts. There is a huge popularity of earning money online through digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether.  So many people are now interested in joining a crypto train. Bitcoin is the talk of the town these days. Bitcoin is a digital currency which is based on blockchain and it is created by Santoshi Nakamoto. It is a virtual coin designed to be self-contained for its value. Once you own this currency, it possesses value and then it is traded just like a gold. You can use Bitcoin to purchase goods and services online.  The traditional way to start with this currency is you need a wallet. A wallet is a software which is used to store this currency that you can store on your computer or on your smartphone. There are multiple ways to have bitcoin without opening a wallet and you can earn it free of charge.

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svg%3E - Other ways of earning bitcoins. – Non-traditional ways


The Bitcoin transaction is processed quickly as it works on powerful blockchain network and is much more cost-effective. When you make bank transfers, it charges you good amount while when you transact through it you have to pay only a few cents. It is considered as a digital gold of the new millennium.

Other non-traditional ways to earn money through it

Online Casinos

Cryptocurrency has become an important way for any user to purchase and exchange funds online. Online casino players who do not want to share their bank account or financial details on gambling casino websites can now earn confidently through bitcoin online casinos. There are many online casinos that accept bitcoin. It is little risky but if you have the knowledge of the games, then you can earn more bitcoin than you have invested.

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Gift cards

Another way of earning is gift card exchange. If you have gift card then you can exchange them for bitcoin. There are many websites like or which provide you an opportunity to sell gift cards against it. There are many bitcoin websites which run offers for gift cards. In such case, you need to find a trustworthy website to avail this opportunity.

Book reading

There actually is a way of earning bitcoin by reading a book. A bit of google search and you will be able to find sites who have this option. There is no way of them [the owners] knowing if you’ve actually read the book online or not, but each page you’re reading needs to be unchanged for ten minutes and after that, you get a certain amount directly to your wallet. Of course, they don’t pay a lot, but if you’re a reader then this might be a good way for you. Earning while learning!

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Job in bitcoin online companies

You can also do job work for it. There are online companies which offer bitcoin job and pay you for it. One of the common websites is which offers job work for it. In general, one doesn’t receive good pay but it is worth to earn some extra money through these bitcoin earning websites. There are some companies who pay directly to this wallet. They offer off the blockchain transactions and you don’t have to pay any charge for its transaction. There are also renowned retailers that allow people to pay for and accept it against some goods and services in the form of payment.

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Bitcoin website

Another non-traditional method is that you can start your own bitcoin website. You can offer people to pay you in bitcoin in order to earn bitcoin, you can start your own website like one of the website bitpay which provide services for start-up and provide invoices for it.

Sell Goods

Another uncommon method is you can sell your goods against bitcoin. There are online markets like r/big market or bitcointalk where you can easily sell second-hand goods and receive payment in the form of bitcoin.

Bitcoin faucet

You can also link bitcoin wallet address to the website so that you can receive free bitcoin via bitcoin faucets. There are some facets that pay automatically whenever you visit the website. It does not pay you much but you can earn without much effort.

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Another way is bitcoin rewards. There are certain websites like which ask you for surveys and other small task and pay you rewards in the form of bitcoin. It is one of the common ways to earn bitcoin.

Some other common ways are bitcoin rebates, bitcoin giveaways, referral programs, earn with adds etc. It is worth to try these options as it will not take much time and effort and you can earn bitcoin.

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