November 7, 2020

Pro Tips to Improve Your Online Presence Using Digital Imagery 

We’d love to think that the first thing people notice about a website or blog is the amazing content the owner created. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality of how a consumer interacts with a website. The best way to keep someone on your page is to draw them in with amazing digital imagery.

If your site’s traffic is down, then it might be time to re-evaluate your site’s photography. Not sure what to do to make it more effective? Read on to learn how!

Natural Light Is Best

Any time you take a photo, you want to make sure that the lighting is right. Flash photography might work for impromptu family photos, but when it comes to photography for your website, it should be avoided. Instead, you should opt for natural light when taking photos for your website.

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If you are taking photographs of people, aim to shoot outside when it is cloudy out. This will produce the most flattering photos because the light is soft and there isn’t a shadow. If you have to shoot on a sunny day, then consider shooting in a shady spot, instead.

If you’re a food photographer, then you should also opt for natural light, but you might want to make use of tools like diffusers and reflectors to help light up your dish properly. Diffusers are placed between the light source and the subject to soften the light. Reflectors are placed opposite the light source to reflect light onto the side of the dish that would otherwise be dark.

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Think About Composition

Apart from lighting, the composition is the most important part of setting up a shot. Composition takes some time to learn, but boy is it worth your time!

Start by thinking about how the viewer will look at the photo. You want your photo to create a flow so the viewer’s eye will stay within the frame of the photo and maintain their attention.

If you’re someone who places the subject of the photo right in the center of the photograph, stop it! Use the rule of thirds to set up your shot. Picture nine rectangles in your photo, and try to keep the focus along the lines between the rectangles.

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Are you still learning the basic parts of composition? There are a couple of aids you can you to help you frame up the perfect shot. If you’re shooting with a smartphone, turn on the grid feature to help you determine where to place the subject of your photo.

Simplicity Is Key

The most effective photos for your website are going to have a super simple background.


Busy backgrounds are distracting, and they will take away from the focus of your photo, your product! Choose a background that is soft and neutral. This can be your countertop or a simple blanket.

If you’re shooting people or items indoors, you can purchase background paper that’s made specifically for photography to create a simple, seamless background.

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Consider a Tripod

Do you want a super sharp photo? The first thing you should do is to make sure that your lens is clean. The second thing you should do is consider purchasing a tripod to help stabilize your camera when you’re shooting.

Tripods reduce any kind of blurring in the photo that comes from having a shaky hand when snapping your shots. Traditional tripods are built for professional cameras, but there are a ton of options for people who shoot with powerful smartphone cameras. They’re also super portable, making it easy to shoot wherever you are!

Utilize Burst Mode

Shooting one photo is good, but it can be time-consuming, especially when you’re shooting a moving subject. Instead of snapping one photo at a time, consider shooting in bursts.

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You can shoot bursts by holding down the shutter button for a few seconds to capture ten or more photos at once. This is a great tool when you’re trying to capture something like a dog running through the grass or your child helping you out in the kitchen. One photo will inevitably stand out among the others, and you’ll be so happy that you went with the burst mode option!

Don’t Zoom!

If an object in a photo is too small, it may be tempting to use the zoom function on your camera. Don’t do it! Zooming in on objects in photos might make the object bigger, but it is also going to degrade the resolution of your photo. This can mean blurry, grainy photos that won’t look good.

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Instead of zooming in, get closer to the object, if you can do so safely. If you can’t get closer, take a series of photos without zooming in, and some using the zoom. You’ll have to clean these photos up with editing software, but you’ll get the shot.

Hone Your Editing Skills

Speaking of editing software, learning how to edit your photos is an important skill to learn. Few photos make it from the camera to the website without a serious round of photo editing.

This is especially important if the photo you took just doesn’t quite match what you saw in real life. A little work with editing software can get it to look as close to reality as possible.

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The most common photo editing software is Adobe Photoshop. It’s an expensive investment, and it takes time to learn, but it’s worth its weight in gold.

Finally, you should learn how to resize an image properly, taking into consideration the site in which the image will be used. Avoid using text on photos that are going to be featured as cover photos or profile photos. Instead, opt to add text into the description section.

High-Quality Digital Imagery is the Key to Success!

If you want your website or blog to entice site visitors to stay, then you have to whip your site’s digital imagery into tip-top shape! Spend some time learning the basics of photo composition, keep your pics simple, and work on your editing skills. With a little work, your site will be busier than ever!

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