March 25, 2021

The Future of Chatbots in Healthcare 

It’s been a big year for the healthcare industry as a whole, but even as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to come to an end this year, many have been left what’s next for the workers of this industry, many of whom have been overworked and exhausted by the endless patients and illness that has haunted them for month after month.

Fortunately, AI and chatbots are proving to be powerful tools in the healthcare industry, allowing budding spheres such as telehealth and personalized health recommendations to blossom into full-on support systems, with AI and chatbots at the core. These new tools are providing cutting edge health solutions, and doing it all at a fraction of the cost providers were previous spending, helping consumers get the best deals possible, as quickly as possible.

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Keep reading to learn more about what chatbots have to offer to the healthcare industry as a whole.

Increased Efficiency 

For many concerned patients, the main worry on their mind is getting reliable feedback on their ailments in a reasonable amount of time. Fortunately, chatbots are here to assuage both of those concerns.

For example, the 911bot is capable of helping users in an emergency medical situation by allowing users to report their incidences in text or image form, immediately forwarding it to emergency services. Additionally, the bot is capable of providing potentially-life saving information, such as CPR lessons on the spot, depending on what the situation calls for.

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Conversational Diagnoses

Indeed, healthcare chatbots don’t just need to be used in emergency situations. A visit to the doctor’s office is timely, and in many areas can take weeks before one is able to get an appointment. Instead, some offices are employing chatbots to help users get the care that they need.

Conversational AI allows these bots to use context and previous experiences to learn from their interactions and provide their users with advanced assistance and understanding of their ailments in advance of meeting a medical professional.

Chatbot Prescriptions

While chatbots may not be able to dole out pharmaceutical prescriptions just yet, some chatbots in the healthcare industry are becoming capable of providing users with therapeutic solutions to their medical concerns.

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Particularly in the mental health space, bots are being developed and rolled out to provide users with support whenever they are experiencing an acute or chronic mental health difficulty. These bots are capable of understanding their concerns, and provide gentle suggestions to help the patients divert their attention and assuage their concerns.

Chatbot Tech Solutions

Additionally, it is important to remember that chatbots and conversational AI are not just effective in a customer facing environment. These bots can also serve as workhorse tech solutions to hospital and clinic’s backends, providing a range of supportive services to alleviate challenges and logistic headaches for healthcare providers.

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Equipped with powerful AI, bots can sift through records, organizing and finding any holes in internal databases, while also finding trends and insights in the records in order to ensure all patient’s needs are being met.

Additionally, chatbots are capable of being powerful logistical tools for patients. Chatbots and AI systems can be installed to provide reminders to patients for their upcoming appointments, and can even be upgraded to allow users to schedule new appointments, all without needing to talk to a human employee.

These many pros to chatbots reveal how effective these tools are for providing users with upgraded medical care. While we may not yet know all the ways chatbots will be able to assist users, we can be sure that these tools are here to stay.

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