March 14, 2022

The Overwhelming Effects of Warehouse Robotics on Supply Chain 


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Technology has helped the human race far more than we can thank it. From machines to transport vehicles, innovation has changed the surface of what we call technology. Supply chain management has been managing the flow of goods and services for so many years, and it is also responsible for transforming raw materials into final products. Suppose the flow of goods for a specific company is blocked due to poor supply chain management. In that case, it can have a devastating impact on its performance in delivering services to its customers.

To prevent certain disorientation and lack of management on the supply chain, the introduction of warehouse robotics has made it comparatively easy for the flow of goods and services for each company/organization. The pickup rates and the decrease in labor costs have made it pretty efficient in the market. With that said, robotics in logistics has helped automate the process of moving and storing the goods as they make their way through the supply chain. Their use in warehouses has become practical to organize and process the goods so that they can be delivered

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Robotics efficiently.

How Does Robotnik Help this Industry?

Robotnik focuses on the development and manufacture of mobile platforms and mobile manipulators and the result of engineering products and R&D projects in mobile service robotics. Mobile industrial robots have helped pave the way for an effective means to organize and move goods from one warehouse to another. It’s currently a reference company in mobile robotics—the purpose of introducing robots in warehouses to increase productivity. Machines have almost taken the role of managing and operating the tasks of workers. Robotnik has issued mobile and mobile manipulators in the logistic market, which is very easy to install and setup.

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These machines are appropriate to share the workspace with people and have different functions to perform daily. The efficiency in doing work that most humans cannot do has outperformed itself in the warehouses. Moreover, these robots can easily organize and store goods and are capable of advanced intelligence. The interface of Robotnik allows the client to control the operations of localization, navigation, and mapping directly from any device connected to the robot network. Clients can access the interface from any operating system, be it Windows, Linux, Mac, etc., and any device.


The products of Robotnik have proven to enhance efficiency, capacity, and productivity, including processing more picks. These intelligent robots can also learn from their surroundings and adapt to movements. The advancement in using technology in the supply chain has greatly benefited the transport of goods and services, and it has also increased Global eCommerce sales significantly. A recent study reported that an average worker working at a warehouse could only pick 35 units per hour. However, as soon as they took the help of autonomous robots, picking up items increased considerably by 90% as these machines were able to pick 90 items per unit on average. This indicates that the overall productivity has since been growing with the help of robots.

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These, however, are used in industrial environments and are best known for operating heavy machinery. They have been used in moving materials in different areas and mobile manipulators that extend the working area of static collaborative robotic arms—significantly lowering the costs by replacing traditional automation solutions. It has also proven to be efficient that these robots can lift heavy items much faster than any normal worker. By constantly working on a day-to-day basis, robots from Robotnik have kept the flow of goods moving throughout the warehouse without any delay.

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