May 14, 2021

Top 10 Programming Languages for Desktop Apps In 2021 


  • 1 C#
  • 2 C++
  • 3 Python
  • 4 Java
  • 5 JavaScript
  • 6 PHP
  • 7 Swift
  • 8 Red-Lang
  • 9 Go
  • 10 Object Pascal

The IT industry is booming, leading to the demand for individuals with a good knowledge of programming languages. It can be hard to decide which language you should go for with so many languages out there. You should choose a specific programming language based on your needs and requirements.

When we talk about desktop applications, you also need to decide which operating system (macOS, Windows, Linux) interests you the most and will let you work effectively. Depending on the operating system, you will have different programming languages to choose from, which you can learn. If you do not want to be restricted and want an application that can work on all operating systems, you should select software, languages, and tools that are cross-platform capable. Let us discuss the top 10 programming languages for desktop apps for the year 2021.

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C# is pronounced as C sharp. It is a new-age, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language. Microsoft Corporation is responsible for its design and development. It belongs to the same family as C, yet JAVA and Javascript programmers will find it more familiar.

It is pretty evident that developers can build a Windows-based application without any hindrances since C# and Windows have the same parent company, i.e., Windows. Developers can create various kinds of secure and strengthened applications that can run on the .NET ecosystem.

You can use many frameworks like .NET WPF, Avalonia, Blazor, Xamarian, UWP, Winforms, and Uno Platform to develop a desktop app using C#. You have many application development features, including data binding, resources, control, security layout, application model, and graphics, since the framework supports these.

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C++ can be considered a procedural and general-purpose programming language that was supposed to be an extension of the C language. Since it is an object-oriented and low-level language, it can give extended control on the memory and system resources to the developers. Besides the development of desktop applications, a programmer can use C++ for games, browsers, and a lot more.


Python is an object-oriented and high-level programming language. The best thing about Python is that it does not require a programmer to write long lines of code for the execution of the concept. Python is regarded as one of the most flexible languages. Python contains a wide range of GUI frameworks that enable developers to build an application quickly and securely.

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Java is a class-based and object-oriented programming language. It targets low implementation dependencies as much as possible. It is designed in such a way that the programmer can write once, run anywhere (WORA). Whenever a programmer writes the code in Java, javac compiles it. This compilation results in a class file or the bytecode. Java Virtual machine converts this bytecode into machine language.


JavaScript is an interpreted, multi-threaded, prototype-based, lightweight dynamic programming language. It can support the functional and object-oriented programming types. Besides being a scripting language for web pages, it is also used in many non-browser environments.


PHP or hypertext processor is a server-side and general-purpose programming language. Its primary use is to manage databases and dynamic content. PHP is also mighty owing to the fact that it is the core of the biggest blogging system, i.e., WordPress. Developers prefer PHP most of the time for creating desktop applications.

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Swift has been developed by Apple Inc. It is a general-purpose, compiled, and multi-paradigm programming language designed for iOS, watchOS, and macOS. Writing code in Swift is an interactive process since the syntax is powerful.


Red is a functional, imperative and reactive programming language. Its main objective was to tackle the obstacles posed by REBOL ( Relative Expression Based Object Language). Red provides developers with a broader field by offering them a native-code compiler.


Google developed Go as a concurrent, multi-paradigm, open-source, imperative, and object-oriented programming language. Its syntax is the same as the C language but has better features like memory safety, garbage collection, and structural typing. You can develop an efficiently working desktop application for macOS and Windows with the help of Go.

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Object Pascal

Object Pascal is known as an extension of the Pascal programming language that can support object-oriented programming features such as classes and methods. You can use object pascal to create apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS, all at once.

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