November 4, 2019

Top 7 WordPress Plugins For Data Visualization 

WordPress is one of the go-to platforms for creating beautiful and intuitive websites. When you make a WordPress website, you also need the visitors to be engaged with your content, right?. That’s how you strengthen your follower/customer base. It’s one thing to share informative content, but it’ s whole another thing to present the material in an easily digestible way. The right words matter a lot in that very process. But if you add some informative and catchy visuals to your content, the viewers will easily understand the information that you are conveying.

Thankfully, we have many WordPress plugins that are designed precisely for that purpose. These plugins are called data visualization plugins. A data visualization plugin is simply a tool to create compelling visuals for your content. In this article, we are introducing you to the seven best data visualization plugins. So, give it a read.

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#1 WordPress Graphs & Charts

Charts and graphs can help the readers better understand complex information. In that regard, WordPress Graphs & Charts plugin is a dream come true for WordPress developers. Simply because it’s easy to create visually dynamic graphs and charts with this plugin. You just need to import the data from a CSV file, then the plugin itself will create attractive charts and graphs for you.

With this plugin, you get to choose nine different types of HTML5 based charts and graphs, including line charts, bar charts, columns, pie charts, radar charts, geographical charts, doughnut graphs, and many more. Since these charts are easily customizable, there are plenty of things you can do to make your content more appealing. You can alter color palettes, titles, tooltips, and even add animations effects.

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#2 Snowball

If you are a budding writer or blogger and trying to create captivating articles, snowball is a must-have tool for you. It helps you structure your article segment by segment to give your readers an immersive reading experience.

You can customize your content with tables, interactive widgets, bar graphs, scatter plots, image comparisons, videos, and many more. Snowball has an intuitive interface that works perfectly for beginners. But if you know some coding, snowball also has a built-in code editor to alter the code to meet your needs.

#3 Infogram

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. But an infographic speaks louder than a picture. So if you want to create visually compelling infographics for your WordPress website, infogram plugin is a perfect tool for that.

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Infogram has a vast collection of numerous maps, charts, icons, images, interactive reports, template designs, word clouds, bubbles, pictorial, hierarchy, and many more. So, using these components, you can create many eye-catching and responsive infographics that work perfectly across all web browsers and devices.

#4 Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

For a long time, embedding google spreadsheet content into WordPress pages had been a nightmarish task for web developers and content creators. They had to go back and forth between multiple windows and tabs to somehow turn the google spreadsheet data into interactive WordPress content.

But with Inline google spreadsheet viewer, they longer have to go through all those hassles. Once you add the spreadsheet URL to the plugin, that data will appear on your WordPress pages. From there itself, you can turn the data into interactive graphs, charts, and tables. Besides, google spreadsheets, this plugin also supports CSV files and MySQL databases.

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This way, any changes in the Google spreadsheet or CSV data will automatically appear on the website as well. This powerful plugin also has a built-in cache hasten the page loading speed.

#5 Visualizer

If the other graph creator plugins don’t work for you, you have another option to check out. That is visualizer plugin. Visualizer truly lives up to its name when it comes to data visualization. It helps you create interactively versatile charts and tables for your WordPress posts with minimum fuss.

With visualizer, you can create many customizable chart types such as table chart, line charts, area charts, bar chart, column chart, pie chart, geo chart, and scatter chart. Since these charts are rendered on HTML5/SVG technology, you don’t need another plugin to add them to your pages. And they will look and feel similar across all browsers and devices.

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#6 Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Data tables are an effective technique in data visualization. A table breaks down complex data into a set of columns and rows. This way, the users can understand what exactly the data represents.

Well, we have a WordPress plugin for that as well. Data tables generator by supsystic is a powerful yet simple tool to create comprehensible and highly responsive data tables conveniently. This plugin has multiple functional and visual customization techniques to adjust and modify the tables to cater to every need. User-friendly settings and responsive editor makes the table creation faster and easier.

#7 DrawIt

Just like infographics, flow charts are another effective method to interpret complex content in an easily understandable way. In that regard, DrawIt is a perfect choice for you to make attractive and informative flow charts, diagrams, drawings, and so on.

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DrawIt is the plugin version of the website, which is a free online platform for creating high-quality flow charts and diagrams. This powerful plugin automatically converts the source code for your drawings and diagrams to easily customizable PNG or SVG formats. This way, you don’t have to redraw the whole diagram or move the images back and forth between editors to make any changes.

Final Thoughts

Like they say, “seeing is believing. In the context of websites, that proverb is even more meaningful. Your website content should be self-explanatory and convincing enough for your visitors. These WordPress visualization plugins will help you make your website content more informative and engaging.

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