May 29, 2018

Ways to Rank Higher on Google Swiftly! 

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Searching for common queries on Google has become our answer for literally just about everything in our lives. If you think about it, google has a very special and sacred spot in our lives. Moreover it’s in fact true that we have reflexively begun to turn to google for the smallest of questions. It’s easy and comprehensive and more than anything, it is reliable.

Is Google ranking really important?

Even those of us who have no interest in furthering our knowledge about the ranking system of search engines and the like, have for sure heard about the need to rank higher on Google, in order to increase market presence and achieve multitudes of other benefits.

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Why is it important? Well, as stated earlier, google has immense importance as a credible search engine. Massive numbers of searches are entered daily into the bar and an astounding percentage of the population inhabiting planet Earth is using it daily. This means that in order to get to more and more of the potential customers that are using this very search engine, it is indeed crucial that the rankings on google be as high as possible so that they see your website instead of your competitor’s!

Bringing about higher rankings!

To achieve better rankings could mean the difference between success and failure for your business in this era of technological development, where more people and resorting to online solutions to just about everything in their daily lives. Some of the ways of ensuring a better ranking on google have been elaborated below:

  1. HTTPS
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First and foremost, what is HTTPS? In the simplest of terms, HTTPS ensures that your website is being viewed over a secure connection. It enables protection against malicious softwares and viruses for both you and your customers and is therefore of utmost significance. Google rewards the presence of this feature, and this can be quite useful when looking to increase ranking on the search engine. With visitors being sure that their data as well as devices are secure, site visits are bound to increase automatically.

  1. SERP Features

Have you noticed that there are many instances where google answers your query right there on the results page? These results get more responses since they are obviously more comprehensive and thus more attractive for users. A useful tip in this case is to make sure your page also has a section for FAQs. Imagine all possible questions that your targeted customer base could have and then attempt to build up a portfolio of the most important questions with meaningful answers.

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Another useful tactic here might be to first answer the question in a concise manner which will help users catch the gist of the matter and then elaborate in the coming paragraph if the need exists.

  1. Mobile Matters!

Most people are using internet on the go, and this of course means mobile phones! This also means that mobile sites are that much more important! Aren’t regular websites enough, one might ask? No! Not all features of regular websites are displayed in the same manner on cell phones, which is why having a killer mobile website will surely enable you to snare even more users!

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With the rise of cell phone usage, it is quite possible that in the future ranking be done on the basis of mobile websites rather than desktop websites.

  1. Searcher Intent

It should come as no surprise that entities are constantly looking to evolve and invent a way by which human intelligence can be mimicked by a device. Search engines are certainly attempting to do this as now the focus is on what the user was intending to search rather than simply providing an answer to what the user actually searched for. So your goal here, in order to rank higher on google, is to attempt to understand what the searcher would need from your website.

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