October 31, 2021

What are the Best Cloud Mining websites? 


  • 1 Why do we need to participate with a cloud mining website?
    • 1.1 What is the specification of a cloud mining website?
    • 1.2 Which cloud mining websites are the best in 2021?

Participating in cloud mining websites is the safest method for those who want to earn profit from cryptocurrency mining. If you are looking to buy hardware equipment for Bitcoin mining, you know how difficult it is and what the problems are. You can participate in bitcoin mining but do not engage in its problems, the solution for you is cloud mining that can aid you in this case.

In partnership with a cloud mining website, you can rent the equipment you need and make sure that the bitcoin mining process runs smoothly for you without any hassle.

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Why do we need to participate with a cloud mining website?

In the early years of bitcoin, mining was easily done from home and by home computers and was very profitable. As time went on and the number of users around the world increased, the Bitcoin network became larger and more complex. Calculation algorithms related to bitcoin production have become more complex and solving these equations is difficult.

Compared to the past, bitcoin mining has changed a lot. We now need more advanced hardware with a lot of power to extract bitcoins.
Problems for ordinary people with cryptocurrency mining include paying for expensive hardware, paying expensive electricity bills, and paying for equipment storage.
Most importantly, there are currently many large organizations working on bitcoin mining and investing heavily. So cryptocurrency mining has become much more difficult for ordinary people or even for small mining companies.

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Another activity of large cryptocurrency mining companies is that they lease some of their mining hardware to the general public. The organizations that offer this service are known as cloud mining companies. These companies offer their activities to the public through the website. In this case, ordinary people survey the cloud mining website to get acquainted with the plans that these companies offer as a contract. Those who want to invest in these contracts can buy contracts through these websites.

Cloud mining is an activity that benefits both parties. On the one hand, cloud mining companies benefit by launching this equipment and renting it out to users. They provide facilities for renting their production equipment and charge for it from their users. Of course, part of the power of the hardware they have set up is allocated to them and they gain the profit from bitcoin mining. Some of these companies are among the whales of the cryptocurrency market.

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Besides, users who become members of these websites and purchase the contracts can gain benefits from them. They do not need to buy and set up special mining equipment. They get rid of the hassle of bitcoin mining. Customers simply invest their money and make a profit from their investment.

Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining

What is the specification of a cloud mining website?

Cloud Mining is an activity in which you rent a certain amount of “Hash Power” from a cloud mining website to participate in bitcoin mining. The profit from bitcoin mining in Bitcoin cloud mining centers is divided according to the amount of investment per person among all the participants who have rented hash power.

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This method allows you to mine bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies without having to buy and install hardware. Several companies and centers do this hard work for you. You can buy the plans offered by cloud mining companies and participate in cloud mining by paying for these contracts.

People interested in investing in cloud mining companies can find out the specifications of the company’s contracts online through the website without a physical presence.
The following is a complete guide to getting to know and participating with cloud mining websites to earn cryptocurrencies from home without spending time.

Which cloud mining websites are the best in 2021?

To get started with cloud mining, you need to get acquainted with the performance and plans it offers through the Cloud Mining Company website. Those who want to participate in the cloud mining process must join a cloud mining website. Each of them provides many equipment and facilities to their customers.

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Users should research them before joining one of these websites. There are legitimate and trustworthy websites. You should find the most famous cloud mining that can provide the best security for your assets. They should ensure the security of users’ property and capital.

We try to introduce you to the safest cloud mining websites Below you will find the most reputable and best websites for releasing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These are the most popular and efficient bitcoin cloud mining websites. They have been highly rated by market experts and their users.

Shaminingcloud mining website

The Shamining website was established in the UK in 2018. There are mining farms in different cities of London, Sun Joe, and Cape Town. Features of this platform include:

  • The subscribers of this website can participate in it with the minimum information about the cryptographic mining process.
  • The user interface of the Shamining platform is designed for the very simple use of users that subscribers can work with like a game. The positive points of the user interface are the features that distinguish this platform from others.
  • Each user can invest in the cloud mining website for at least $ 100 and start mining. The return on investment for every $ 1,000 is $ 400 guaranteed.
  • The support team of this platform provides 24-hour and 7-hour services to its users.
  • The company has been able to attract about 8,000 crypto investors since 2018. Another useful feature of their website is the internal investment calculator.
  • Shamining plans are in four models: CPU, GPU, ASIC, and individual contracts, which are offered to subscribers as four types of contracts.
  • According to the company, the profitability of the plans is as follows:
    • CPU contract with 23580 GH / s has 143% profitability.
    • GPU contract with 94340 GH / s power has 149% profitability.
    • ASIC contract with 235849 GH / s has 156% profitability.
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ECOS cloud mining website

The ECOS platform is one of the first cryptocurrency investment websites to operate legally in the field of cloud mining. The company has about 90,000 users around the world. The specification of this cloud mining website is as follows:

  • ECOS is one of the most famous cloud mining websites that present cloud mining services for only one cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.
  • The company presents its services to its subscribers in several different plans. Users can participate in investing in this platform by purchasing these contracts.
  • The minimum price that users pay for the contract is $ 149. This contract is valid for one year to fifty months. The various options available for using deposits are credit cards and cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, and LTC.
  • New users can get a one-month gift contract for free.
  • The company pays dividends to subscribers daily.
  • The ECOS cloud mining website offers several different types of contracts.
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Hashshiny cloud mining website

Hashshiny is a bitcoin mining company launched in 2017. Features of this platform include:

  • How to work with this website is easy and safe.
  • Users can work with it at high speed.
  • Their cloud mining website is updated with advanced technologies.
  • The developers of HashShiny claim to generate about 1.5% of the hash rate of the bitcoin network.
  • Hashshiny.io currently supports different cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, Zcash, LTC, DASH, and DCR.
  • For new users who want to start mining with this website, the company has a package for them. It gives new users a hash rate of 5 TH / S for free for SHA-256 algorithms.
  • This website presents six plans include:
    • SHA-256 algorithm for BTC cloud mining,
    • ETHASH algorithm for ETH cloud mining,
    • SCRYPT algorithm for LTC cloud mining,
    • X11 HASH algorithm for DASH cloud mining,
    • BLAKE256R14 algorithm for DCR cloud mining,
    • EQUIHASH algorithm for ZEC cloud mining.
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IQ mining cloud mining website

This cloud mining started its activity in Europe in late 2016. About 50,000 users have since registered on the website. Most customers are satisfied with working with this company. Some of its specifications are as follows:

  • Cloud Mining website has three different contracts for its customers to participate in:
    • Bronze plan
    • Silver plan
    •  Gold plan
  • The platform supports many cryptocurrencies that users can participate in mining.
  • You do not need to pay a subscription fee to register.
  • IQ mining uses smart contracts to reduce user risk.
  • Users can work with four main languages ​​included (French, Spanish, Russian, and English).
  • The return on investment is huge.
  • This platform is currently suitable for small investments.
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Minerland cloud mining website

Features that Minerland provides to its customers include:

  • The minimum investment period in each contract is one year, but the longer you contract, the higher your income.
  • Each user can buy more than one contract and therefore can earn money from several contracts at the same time. Of course, each user can only have one Lord Contract. A Lord contract is a contract that requires more investment than any other contract on this website.
  • If each user re-invests the profit they receive, they can benefit from the possibility of a combined profit.
  • Minerland allows its subscribers to earn more money by introducing their affiliates to the Cloud Mining website. If these subscribers can encourage their acquaintances to invest in Minerland contracts, they will give the nominee some points in return for buying the contracts.
Minerland bitcoin cloud miningMinerland bitcoin cloud mining


How to get started with the Minerland Cloud Mining website?

To learn how to register and join the Cloud Mining website here is how to register in Minerland. To start cloud mining with Minerland, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, create a Minerland account to register and join the Cloud Mining website.
  • To register, you must complete the registration form provided on the Minerland website by filling in personal information such as name, surname, and Email address.
  • Then choose one of the plans which are on this website. There are four cloud mining contracts for different cryptocurrencies.
  • Then pay for your selected contract.
  • You are now ready to start your cloud mining with Minerland.
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How to earn money from cloud mining on the Minerland website?

As you can see, subscribing to the Minerland cloud mining website is very easy. After subscribing to this website, you can purchase one of its contracts. By investing in each of the plans of the Minerland cloud mining website, which includes different courses and different algorithms, investors can earn different returns. Minerland plans include:

  • The minimum investment on the Soldier Plan website is $ 15.99. By participating in this plan, you can receive 150 Satoshi daily during one year of the contract.
  • You can have a one-year contract by investing in the Major Plan for $ 49.99. In this contract, you will receive 700 Satoshi daily.
  • If you want to buy a Captain contract, you need to invest $ 444.9. In this case, with a one-year contract, you can earn 6250 Satoshi daily.
  • By investing in Lord Plan, you need to buy this contract by paying $ 1999. The daily profit in this plan is 28,000 Satoshi.
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How to invest in Minerland?

To invest in Minerland, follow these steps:

  • You must first log in to your account.
  • Then you have to announce your request through your user panel.
  • Next, you enter the Select plans section.
  • After that check different plans so you can choose the right one for you.
  • Choose a plan that matches the amount of capital you want to invest.
  • Then deposit your money.
  • Finally, when the Minerland Cloud Mining website confirms receipt, the amount you want to invest will be credited to your account.

The most important factor that has a great impact on the profitability of the cloud mining process is the legality or illegality of its platform. So do your research before doing anything and make sure the platform you want to join is credible.

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The amount of profit from cloud mining websites depends on the platform you choose. Some companies offer benefits and facilities to users in exchange for the cost they receive. You need to know enough about the profitability of the mining process in each contract. Then you can select the contract that is most profitable for you.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miner.land/?hl=en

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