February 6, 2022

What To Consider Before Using a Time and Attendance Software? 

If you run a business with lots of employees, you probably have a way to track their time and attendance. But, these days, the likes of spreadsheets and punch clocks are old news. Any method of tracking employee hours and time is classed as a time and attendance system. There are more advanced options today. More importantly, there are more accurate and efficient ways to track your employees’ hours.

Time and attendance software will benefit businesses of all sizes. Time and attendance software doesn’t stop at tracking employee hours. You can manage paid time off, create rosters and schedules, GPS track mobile employees, and get real-time data about what your employees are doing. If time is money, you need to manage your employees’ time as efficiently as possible.

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There are several points to consider before you select a programme and start using time and attendance software.

  • Tracking Options
  • Flexible

It’s difficult to accurately track time if your employees don’t have clocking-in options. This is particularly important if you have multiple job sites, locations, remote workers, or field workers. You need flexible time tracking and mobile-friendly options so your employees can clock in the most efficient way possible.

  • Offline

You don’t want a single clocking-in option, especially if it’s dependent on the internet or cell service. You need a system that works offline, to ensure your payroll data is accurate. It takes time to correct mistakes. So, find a system that will store offline punches and sync with the software when an employee has service.

  • Expenses & Paid Time Off
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It can be challenging to manage paid time off requests and expenses efficiently, especially when you are dealing with mobile teams. Luckily, the right time and attendance software will help you streamline these tasks. The purpose of this tool is to make life easier for everyone.

  • Geofencing

There are risks to mobile or remote clocking-in options. An employee may attempt to clock in when they are not present on-site. You can remedy this with time and attendance software that offers geofencing. You can ensure workers at physically at the job site by tailoring the geographical area.

  • Ease of Use

This point is two-fold. First, it’s the system’s overall ease of use, and second is the support offered by the software provider.

  • Overall Ease of Use
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As with anything, change can be difficult. So, when you switch to a new system, it needs to be easy to use (and set up). If it isn’t easy to use, there will be a lot of mistakes, and you will have to rectify these mistakes. You don’t want an overcomplicated system that leads to payroll mistakes.

  • Support

Overall ease of use brings us to support and training. You want plenty of helpful support for the onboarding process. It’s challenging to implement new processes and systems. Having strong onboarding support can be the difference. Always find out how much support your software supplier provides.

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Finally, before you select a time and attendance software, you need to consider where your business is financially, whether you can afford to implement a new system, and how it will benefit you. Implementing a new system now is a great way to move your growing business forward. Time and attendance can be a time-consuming, error-ridden process. With reliable software, you reduce the risk of error and save time.

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