January 28, 2021

Why You Need a Strong User Onboarding Experience for Your SaaS Product? 


  • 1 To Create Aha Moments
  • 2 To Enhance Customer Experience
  • 3 To Increase Conversion Rates
  • 4 Boost your Customer Onboarding Experience

For growing SaaS companies operating in today’s day and age, adopting the right approach to get maximum users is one of the focal points for success. The user onboarding process is a key process in this regard, as it highlights the features and experience of your product, and helps the user understand how it can help them achieve their goal. Contrary to popular belief, the user onboarding process does not start after they signup. The user onboarding process starts right after the customer lands on your website and clicks on the ‘Try Now’ button.

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Once the customer gives you a window of opportunity to showcase your product and impress them, you must capitalize on it for generating maximum conversions. According to Hubspot, more than 63% of customers consider the onboarding experience as a definitive part of their purchase decisions.

Creating memorable and unique onboarding experiences for customers is an area that companies tend to spend a lot of resources on. Why though? Here are a few reasons that will make see why you need to focus so much on strengthening your user onboarding process:

To Create Aha Moments

So what is an ‘Aha moment’, you ask?

An Aha moment is the precise moment when a customer realizes that they need your product/service to achieve their goals. Remember, the first time you used WhatsApp for a conversation and realized that having conversations just became super easy and that you can never go back to the traditional means of messaging? That was your Aha moment for WhatsApp.

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Every SaaS company wants to create these moments for their customers because it is at this moment that the customer decides that you are a valuable asset. Once this happens, customers are likely to purchase your paid plans and more importantly, continue their association with you for a longer duration.

Most SaaS companies now use a freemium or free trial model to get users to sign up for their products. Once the customer enrolls for a trial plan, the user onboarding experience should be able to guide them towards making a purchase. Having a stellar user onboarding process ensures that the customer has their Aha moment within the trial period and wants to invest in a paid plan. If they are already on a paid plan, a good onboarding experience can ensure that they adapt to your product very quickly and continue using it.

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To Enhance Customer Experience

As is written in the Bible of the service industry: customer experience is everything. It can make or break your business and can affect the way customers associate with your brand. According to a report by Adobe, companies that are experience-driven witness twice the annual growth in repeat purchase rates, and customer retention.

Your user onboarding process is your first impression on your customers, and you know what they say about first impressions – they are ever-lasting.

Simple parameters such as guiding the customer through the entire process by using the right CTA buttons, content, and navigation options can go a long way in building that impression. If you want to leave a greater impact, you can make your product mobile accessible to help your customers do things on the go.

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By having a perfect customer experience within the user onboarding process, you can ensure that the customer never wants to switch to another product and that you have won them over, successfully.

To Increase Conversion Rates

Did you know that highly engaged customers are 99% more likely to buy from you, and 66% more likely to make a repeat purchase?

What’s more, 70% of customers said that their understanding of the product or service is pivotal to their purchase decision. Your user onboarding experience is crucial in the customers’ purchase decision because it is where they learn more about your product or service, and its utility in their lives. A better user onboarding experience directly translates into higher conversion rates, because it assures the user that they are making the right choice.

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Higher conversion rates also increase the credibility of your business and the likelihood of attracting new customers. You can use multiple software such as Appcues and TourMyApp for strengthening your user onboarding experience. You can also consider other appcues alternatives, to build a unique onboarding experience. The best part is, the user may sometimes not even realize that it was the onboarding experience that made them want to stay on.

Boost your Customer Onboarding Experience

There is no doubt that your customers are going to base their purchase decisions on how effectively you guided them through the onboarding process. Since it is a crucial part of the overall customer experience and service, organizations must associate necessary importance and resources to the user onboarding experience. Most importantly, companies stand to gain a lot more conversions and retain more customers by ensuring that the user onboarding experience is airtight.

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