October 27, 2020

Why You Need to Have the Fastest Possible Internet Speed? 

The nature of how we use the internet is constantly changing, but one thing we can be sure of is that broadband speeds will continue to rise. We may find ourselves questioning whether more is always better, and simplistically, we can answer this with the thought that, of course, it is. But is it worth the price you pay for it? That depends on your needs. Here we will go through the reasons you need to have the fastest possible internet speed available.

Working from Home

It’s not just for personal email, webchat, and a little bit of browsing that most of us have home broadband. Increasing numbers are working from home, and often this requires a lot more use of your internet connection. Video conferencing and working with cloud platforms that require instant access to large files means that a slow or intermittent connection can cause havoc with your working life. If you want to check how fast is your internet speed go to speedcheck.org.

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Modern gaming is all about online play and gone are the days where this is limited to ultra-geeky, die-hard PC gamers. There are various platforms where gaming is commonplace now, we have console games on Xbox PlayStation and Nintendo, and mobile and tablet gaming. The simple fact that you could have various members of the same household on all these platforms simultaneously means that a slow connection could be detrimental to smooth enjoyment by all. We can see how a 100 Mbps router or better would be preferable here.

Home Entertainment

One change in our home entertainment behavior is the emergence of streaming, films, TV shows, podcasts, and music. There are many homes where no live TV is watched at all, and if it is then it is through an online source rather than traditional means of broadcast such as through a TV ariel, cable or satellite feeds. Much like the gaming example, a high-speed connection is essential for these services as well.

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More Devices

There are more online devices in each of our homes compared to a decade or two ago. In the early days of the internet, we would connect via a single PC, probably connected to a dial-up modem. This was low speed and only really needed to connect to websites, email, or the occasional chat room. These days the average American home has over ten online devices connected, and these can include the aforementioned PCs, gaming devices, and also others such as Smart TVs and Smart Speakers.

Download & Upload Speed

Download speed is discussed when we mention the quality of an internet connection, this is key, but we also need to be mindful of upload speed as well. One of these cannot act in isolation of the other. If we take gaming as an example, you need to be able to communicate your movements as well as receive your opponents to effectively play the game. Upload speed is generally slower than download speed, so be sure to check this is adequate for your need when choosing a provider.

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