February 26, 2020

Why You Should Need To Watermark The Images? Learn The Obvious Reasons 


  • 1 Merits of Watermark
  • 2 Demerits of Watermark
  • 3 Certain Points to be Noted about Watermarking
  • 4 Final Implication

Who would have thought that a simple question can come as a trending idea among the majority of the photographers? Each of the photographers come up with various thoughts and opinions. This post doesn’t provide any biased review and enlighten you with the merits and demerits of watermarking photos.

Merits of Watermark

Photographers who began sharing their images in various online platforms select a watermark owing to four basic reasons

  1. Professional photographers don’t want their photos to get printed by the client. This is because a part of the package have prints as well.
  2. The professionals don’t want inferior quality photos from the internet. They always aim at providing good quality prints from a professional printing service.
  3. They always wanted to earn a reputation in the market owing to their own skill and don’t want their work to be stolen. Moreover, taking help from a third party can endanger the risk of getting their own content posted on other websites.
  4. The huge audience base can find their photos easily and find their brand name since all these images are shared on the web This will boost up the market value.
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Demerits of Watermark

There is always a negative aspect in each and everything you choose and watermarking is not an exception to this rule. There are photographers who are not eager to watermark their images. Therefore, you should know the following points to know the demerits.

  1. Watermarks are treated as an “eyesore” and can ruin the quality of your image.
  2. If anyone wants to steal the photo, they can do so irrespective of the watermark. Nowadays, it is not at all difficult to remove a watermark because of the inception of various software. You can also crop those images as per your requirement.
  3. Moreover, if people get your photo, it becomes very difficult to defend it at the court.
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Certain Points to be Noted about Watermarking

  1. If anyone wants to remove the watermark, it is really very easy unless it occupies the major portion of the image. It is very easy to remove a watermark with the help of free software. So, if you think people are trying to copy your images on their website, you need to use a large watermark to dissuade them.
  2. If you are oblivious about the fact that the client will steal or copy the images from the Facebook page and trying to imitate it, you can negate using a watermark with an agreement with the client. The contract will be such that Facebook images are only meant for the Facebook page and viewers to have to abide by the law. It won’t be available for printing or editing under any situation.
  3. Reputed authorities and legitimate groups won’t steal your information or images. They can approach you directly if they wish to. In most cases, they get in touch with stock agencies such as Shutterstock, Getty, etc.
  4. If you are looking for images used online, Google has come up with a user-friendly feature where you have the option to upload your image to the Google search. If you come across the Google images page, then you have to press the icon in order to upload the image.
  5. Now, if you wish to share your images online and if they possess a watermark, it is quintessential to build a watermark that can suit your photography style and branding. Make the watermark with a minimalistic approach yet attractive so that people can have a look into it in the first place. You can use a very popular app known as Watermarkly or alternatively Visual Watermark app to do this work in a jiffy.
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Final Implication

So, will you use a watermark for your images? There is no particular explanation or answer to this question. You will find many photographers or professionals use various watermarks. Also, there are many photographers who don’t like to use it. It is based on your own thinking-how to use it?  This article will give you the exact details. We have enriched this content with all the latest knowhow. So, go through this content once to get a good grasp. Ask, your peers to read this as well. However, if you have any suggestions, you can provide this in the comment section.

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