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www.Hotmail.com is the free online email services provided by Microsoft. It is one of the most popular email services. It can be accessed through a web browser anywhere in the world. It is a webmail free service. It was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996. When it was launched, it offered a free account with storage up to 250 MB, spam filters, and virus scanning features. Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1997.

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www.hotmail.com create account

www.hotmail.com create account

When Microsoft acquired Hotmail, users were provided with features like schedule calendars and capacity to save contact lists in an address and also user can pay a subscription fee to upgrade their account. In 2012 Hotmail was renamed to outlook.com.

Outlook.com provides facilities like unlimited storage. Contact management, one drive, office online, skype and calendar.

www.Hotmail.com Sign up

Microsoft account provides various services. To avail all the service, you need an account so that you can sign in to various products, services, and websites.

How to create hotmail.com account in 5 easy steps?

www.hotmail.com sign

www.hotmail.com sign

Here are the steps which will help you:-

  • Step1– Go to the link www.hotmail.com. All the Hotmail account now accessible via outlook.com as Hotmail.com/login has been upgraded to outlook.com. Follow the instructions carefully.
  • Step 2– There is an option to log in and if you don’t have the account click on ‘’create account’’ or ‘’sign up’’. Click on any one of the options.
  • Step-3 -There is a form need to be filled in order to create an account. Personal information is needed to fill the form. It is not necessary to fill all the fields. Only important fields are required, however, if you forget the password, such information will be needful to recover the account. You cannot fill false or misguiding data while creating your account. One can create an account as an individual or as a legal entity. You have no option to transfer your account to other name or person.
  • Step-4 – Choosing id and password. You should have unique username not similar or existing. While creating a password, choose simple words with numbers and special characters. The password should be easy to remember but difficult to guess by the third person.
  • Step-5 – Once your Hotmail account is created, a welcome email will be sent to your Hotmail ID. You can login Hotmail with your new username and password and explore it.
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www.Hotmail.com/login Account use

Account Usage Tips:-

  • It is mandatory to use your account to keep it active. If you don’t sign in the account in the span of five years, your account will be deactivated and get closed automatically.
  • This means you should sin in at least once in five years.
  • Hotmail account or one drive account- Login at least once in a year.
  • Xbox service – login at least once in five years.
  • If Microsoft finds that’s any fraudulent activity is taking place in your account, it will suspend your account.

Hotmail Kids Accounts

A kid account can also be created on hotmail.com. A parent, legal guardian of a minor can create the account on minor’s behalf by accepting the terms and conditions.

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Closing your Hotmail.com account

You can close your account at any time for any reason. When you ask to close the account, it will get suspended for two months. After 60 days, it will get closed. If you logged back within two months, it will get reactivated.

Once your account gets closed, all data and content associated with your account will get deleted automatically. You should back up your data before closing your account. You cannot retrieve from Hotmail.

Service notifications

When there will be nay up gradation or anything important, you will get service notification emails to your account. If you have shared contact number, you will receive SMS notification.

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Customer support

Customer support is available at support.outlook.com

Payment terms and conditions

hotmail.com sign up

hotmail.com sign up


There is no price for signing up your account. However, if there is the charge associated with any service, you need to pay. The price of products like your skype account attracts charges. You need to pay them with tax and other charges. Hotmail may cancel your account or suspend it on not receiving the payment on time.


By providing billing details or payment details
• It represents that your payment details are correct and accurate
• It authorizes Hotmail to collect charges for the paid services
Hotmail can bill you in advance, at the purchasing time, on a recurring basis whatever the condition.

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The data and information collected from you are confidential. Hotmail uses content only for notification of services or any other important information related to your account or services. By agreeing to the term and conditions, you allow Hotmail to use your information with you. Your privacy is not shared with any third person except you.
Hotmail does not use your content. You are responsible for using and sharing your content with others.

Code of conduct

  • You agree following terms and conditions which represent –
  • You are not involved in illegal issues.
  • You cannot harm or harass others.
  • You will not send any spam email.
  • You cannot abuse or share inappropriate information.
  • Don’t violate privacy or break the rules.
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Updates or changes in terms

Hotmail may change terms at any point in time. If you disagree with the terms, you can close the account.
Due to software upgrades, Hotmail can automatically keep the check on your version and update your services without prior notice. Sometimes notification will be sent to update your account to use services effectively. However, Hotmail doesn’t guarantee that upgrade in software will support your version. There may be times when Hotmail is changing or removing certain third-party services.

The features of Hotmail/outlook are unique

1 Active view-There is an active view option that allows interacting directly with emails.
2 Calendar – you can add or view calendar events from one date to another without reloading the page.
3 people- Contact automatically updated.
4. Office online integration- You can view an edit Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint document attached to the email. The user can edit the document online without downloading them. You can send up to 25 GB of documents by uploading through one drive.

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You can now access your account with confidence with the above features and if you are having trouble feel free to contact us.

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