January 22, 2020

You Need MultCloud to Keep Your Online Files Sorted 

We don’t carry around USB drives to transfer files anymore- everything is synced to the cloud. The problem is that you may be using a different cloud for different purposes- one for family, one for storing and organizing pictures, one for your work, and another for your hobby. With tens of cloud storage services now at your fingertips, it becomes difficult to transfer files and keep everything organized and sorted.

That’s where a multiple cloud storage manager like MultCloud becomes essential. This awesome multiple cloud transfer service allows you to integrate multiple cloud data platforms and transfer files like a breeze. It doesn’t matter if you are using Google Cloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, or anyone of the multitude of cloud services around. All you need is MultCloud and your entire online library will come together in an organized way.

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What makes MultCloud Unique?

MultCloud is a free application that lets you access multiple clouds within one virtual environment hassle-free. It is easy to manage and transfer files and backup all cloud accounts.

Here are some features that make MultCloud stand out-

Cloud File Transfer

The cloud file transfer feature allows you to move, migrate, or copy files between clouds. You can simply drag & drop or copy & paste files between clouds to make changes. There is no need to download files to a device and reupload them to a second cloud. The entire transfer process runs online on MultCloud servers, so you can safely close the browser window or even switch off the device. Your data transfer will still be processed.

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The service also allows users to schedule automatic file transfers between cloud accounts. This transfer also happens online, giving you more freedom to focus on important tasks. If you only want to transfer ‘.jpeg’ or ‘.docx’ files between clouds, use the cloud transfer filter and transfer only a specific type of file.

Cloud file sync

MultCloud provides 7 customized ‘One-way sync’ and ‘Two-way sync’ options to users. You can choose to sync specific files, file in specific folders from one cloud to other. You can also get daily, weekly, and monthly backup and sync options. What’s more? You can even backup MySQL database to protect your data and choose to make updates on a regular schedule. The service keeps you informed via email notifications.

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Cloud File Manager

MultCloud allows you to bring all your cloud servers together and manage them in a single app. You can easily search for files on different clouds and perform cut, copy, rename, delete, etc. options. If you use free cloud services, you can integrate them all together in MultCloud to get more consolidated free space. Additionally, you get to manage all your clouds under a single login.

How to use MultCloud?

Using MultCloud is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply ‘Sign Up’ for the service and start adding all the clouds you have access to. The platform supports Google Drive, G Suite, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Photos, Baidu, Box, Yandex, Flickr, and many more. Once the cloud servers are connected, you will find a familiar ‘Windows Explorer’ from where you can manage and organize all files between clouds with ease. You can backup and sync multiple clouds, move or copy+paste files or share files publicly or privately.

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The website guarantees the safety of your files with industry-standard 256-bit AES SSL encryption. The service doesn’t save or cache your files on its own servers, which enhances privacy protection. You can directly connect your cloud drives using OAuth authorization. As a result, MultCloud never gets to access your passwords, improving security further.


MultCloud is a must-have for everyone tired of switching cloud services to access different types of data/files. With just one account, you can safely get access to all your personal and work cloud accounts and transfer files with ease. You don’t have to open multiple windows or download an endless number of client servers on to your devices to get all the files you need. Since, MultCloud is web based you just need to connect all the services and enjoy all your cloud-backed data in just one app.

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You can try MultCloud for free to access all these features with a 30GB data traffic limit or upgrade to any of their paid plans to suit your needs better.

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